Chiyonofuji Mitsugu


May 21, 2022

Chiyonofuji Mitsugu (real name: Mitsugu Akimoto, June 1, 1955-July 31, 2016) was from the 1970s to the early 1990s. An active sumo wrestler. He is from Fukushima-cho, Matsumae-gun, Hokkaido. He is the 58th yokozuna. He is the last yokozuna in the Showa era. He has a blood type of A.


Akimoto Shonen Enters the Kakukai

Mitsugu Akimoto was born in 1955 in Fukushima-cho, Matsumae-gun, Hokkaido, where he runs a fisherman. Since he was a kid, he helped the fishing industry and naturally trained his legs and had excellent motor skills. He won the high jump and triple jump Matsumae-gun tournament, especially in the track and field club of Fukushima Municipal Fukushima Junior High School, and was said to be able to go to the Olympic athletes, but he hated sumo. I had an appendicitis operation when I was in the first year of junior high school, but I had a hard time because of the thick abdominal muscles of Mitsugu, and the operation was much longer than planned, and the anesthesia was cut off just before the end. Even so, the hospital director who saw the tribute of a good physique who continued to endure desperately contacted Ryutaro Wakasa (at that time, the caretaker of the Kokonoe Stable Hokkaido Supporters Association) who had taken care of the introduction to Chiyonoyama. Kuju (Chiyonoyama) and the Omura family, who is the mother of Mitsugu, are distantly related. I refused once because I strongly opposed the introduction. Kuju, who never gave up, said to Mitsugu, "Let's go to Tokyo for the time being. If you want to get started, I'll take you on an airplane." Mitsugu decided to enter the Kokonoe stable because he wanted to get on the plane. Kitanofuji, who was still active, also met with Mitsugu, but later on, Kitanofuji said, "It was small, but I remember coming to the room with a calm face without being timid." When asked, "Do you know?", "I don't know. I know if it's Taiho." That was my first conversation. " On the eve of coming to Tokyo, I met Takanohana, who was entertaining me on a tour, and said, "Boy, are you going to sumo?" That's ... boy, my eyes are different. Do your best. "

Birth of Sekitori with five characters

In the third year of junior high school, he stepped on the first floor of the place in September 1970 with his real name, changed the name to "Oakimoto" in the following November, and was promoted to the second stage of the place in January 1971, "Chiyonofuji" (January 1975). It was named "Chiyonofuji") because of its location. The origin of his Shikona name was taken from the senior yokozuna Kitanofuji in the same room as Kokonoe's Shikona name "Chiyonoyama", and it was seen by Kokonoe as such a large instrument. Although he moved to Tokyo and started sumo wrestling, he couldn't throw away his regrets about land, and at Fukui Junior High School in Taito Ward, he was active in winning second place in the shot put at the track and field competition of the Taito Ward Junior High School Union. He was just unfamiliar with sumo and sent his luggage back to his parents' home after the end of the March 1971 place, trying to return home after graduating from junior high school. Since his grades on the ring are generally good, Kuju, who was afraid to let go of his talent, asked a member of the supporters' association in his hometown to take care of him and sent Chiyonofuji to the Nakano High School part-time system attached to Meiji University. So he tried to balance his studies and sumo, but after receiving a punishment from his envious brothers and ending in July of the same year, he lost the place and said, "School and sumo are incompatible," he dropped out of high school in six months. Dropped out and sumo wrestling