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July 5, 2022

Chikusa Ward is one of the 16 wards that make up Nagoya City.


The western part of the ward is one of the downtown areas representing Nagoya, and is a commercial area centered on Imaike, which is the subcenter of the eastern part, and the north side of Imaike is a residential area with Chikusa Park and Nagoya City East Medical Center. In the central part of the ward, there is a downtown area centered on Ikeshita and a ward office. In the eastern part of the ward, there are Higashiyama Park, Peace Park, Hoshigaoka Mitsukoshi, etc. In addition, it is an educational district with many universities, high schools, and preparatory schools, including Nagoya University and Kawaijuku Headquarters.


Basically, the altitude goes up as we go east. In particular, the area from Higashiyama Park to Heiwa Park is the edge of the Owari Hills, also known as the Higashiyama Hills, and is known as a hilly area. In addition, the area around Mt. Kakuo is more exciting than the surrounding area. If you take the Aichi Prefectural Road No. 60 Nagoya Nagakute Line (Hirokoji-dori / Higashiyama-dori) that crosses Chikusa Ward from east to west, you can clearly see these undulations.



Main mountain Mt. Hiyori


Main river Yada river Kanare River Yamasaki River


Main pond Shinike Chayagasaka Pond Nekogahora Pond . .


It consists of Atsuta Formation, Tokai Group, Yagoto Formation, etc., but it is gravel as a whole.

Place name in the ward


Adjacent administrative district

Naka-ku Higashi Ward Moriyama Ward Meito Ward Tempaku Ward Showa Ward


Origin of the ward name

It is said to be the name of the Mizusho place, which comes from an auspicious image such as "Chikusa no Hana".


In 1937 (Showa 12), the area corresponding to the former Chitose Town and the former Higashiyama Village was separated from the Higashi Ward. Inotakamura was incorporated in 1955 (Showa 30). 1975 (Showa 50) The former Inotaka Village area was separated as Meito Ward in 1975 (Showa 50), and part of Ueda, Tenpaku-cho, Showa Ward (the rest of Higashiyama Park). Is the current area, including Tempaku Ward and part of Meito Ward).

National Institution

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Chubu Center Nagoya University Collaborative Research Site (Nagoya University Higashiyama Campus Akasaki Memorial Research Center 4th floor)

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

Chubu Regional Development Bureau Aichi National Highway Office Meteorological Agency Nagoya Local Meteorological Observatory

Ministry of Finance

National Taxation Agency Nagoya National Taxation Bureau Nagoya Chikusa Tax Office

Ministry of Justice

Nagoya Correctional District Nagoya Juvenile Corrective Office



Aichi Prefecture Chikusa Police Station Chiyodabashi police box (Chiyodabashi 2-chome) Fujimidai police box (Fujimidai 4-chome) Higashiyama police box (Tashiro-cho) Motoyama police box (Nekogahoratori 5-chome) Tashiro Minami Police Box (Yamazoecho 2-chome) Haruoka police box (Haruoka-dori 5-chome) Okute police box (Chikusa 3-chome) Sengoku police box (Chikusa 1-chome) Imaike police box (Imaike 4-chome) Ueno police box (Ueno 2-chome) Jiyugaoka police box (4-chome, Harusato-cho) Tashiro Kita Police Box (Sanmoncho 1-chome) Takami Alternate (Takami 1-chome)


Nagoya City Chikusa Fire Station Eastern branch office Higashiyama branch office


Major hospitals Tokai Hospital Aichi Cancer Center Aichi Psychiatric Medical Center Nagoya City Eastern Medical Center Aichi Gakuin University Dental Hospital

Post office

Major Post Offices Chikusa Post Office


Main libraries Nagoya City Chikusa Library Nagoya University Library Aichi Gakuin University Dental and Pharmaceutical Library Information Center Aichi Shukutoku University Library Hoshigaoka Branch

Long-term care facility

Elderly care health facility Sun


Meikyo University Church Higashiyama Catholic Church Tenrikyo Aimachi Branch Church

Convention facility

Nagoya City Small and Medium Enterprise Promotion Center (Fukiage Hall)

Exercise facility

Chikusa Sports Center Thousands of Megalos

External relations

International Organization


Together with Seychelles in Nagoya