Nago City female junior high school student abduction murder case


January 18, 2022

The murder, abduction, and murder of a junior high school girl in Nago City occurred on June 21, 1996 in Okinawa Prefecture (Okinawa main island). Purpose Abduction, assault on women, and theft. On a farm road in Isagawa, Nago City, a female junior high school student A (15 years old at the time: a third-year student at Municipal Haneji Junior High School) was kidnapped by a pair of male criminals ("Y" and "U" in the text) in a wagon car (white one box). Was abducted by Car). A was assaulted and killed in the mountains of Kunigami-mura, Kunigami-gun, and her body was abandoned in the mountains of Sosu, Kunigami-mura. The two criminals continued to flee for about half a year after that, but in December of the same year, one of the criminals (Y) who was wanted for stealing the criminal vehicle self-confessed and killed and abandoned A. A's body was found on January 1, 1997, and the remaining one (U) was arrested in the same month. It is sometimes called the rape murder case of Okinawa girls junior high school students. The two criminals charged with murder and other charges were sentenced to death in a criminal trial, but both the first instance (Naha District Court) and the appeals court (Fukuoka High Court Naha Branch) were sentenced to life imprisonment. In October 1999, life imprisonment was confirmed. This incident had a great impact as a violent incident unlike any other in Okinawa Prefecture. About half a year from the occurrence of the incident until the body of A was discovered, not only the Okinawa Prefectural Police but also local residents and school staff participated in the search for A (which was missing at that time), and it was a large-scale and long-term activity. A special investigation headquarters was set up for 600 people, a public investigation that disclosed information on the victims, a simultaneous search by local residents in all prefectures, and an incident by the prefectural governor (Masahide Ota at that time). The call for cooperation in the investigation was unusual for any incident that occurred in Okinawa Prefecture. In addition, the Naha District Court (1998) has ruled that the reason for the decision was "a case that caused anxiety and fear not only to the local area and prefecture but also to society in general."

Abbreviated chronology


The perpetrators of this case were a man YS from Tanegashima, Kagoshima Prefecture (38 years old at the time of arrest: hereafter "Y") and a man U.M. from Abashiri City, Hokkaido (37 years old at the time of arrest: hereafter "U"). There are two people. Neither had a conspicuous criminal record or history, except for traffic violations in the past. Y spent his time in Nakatane-cho, Kumage-gun, Tanegashima until his junior high school days. After graduating from junior high school, he got a job at an ironworks in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, and obtained a welding qualification. After that, he changed his job, but earned a certain amount of income, and changed his job from an ironworker to a stevedore. He began working for a cargo handling company in Minato-ku, Nagoya, and 18 years before his arrest (around 1979), he married a woman from the same Kyushu region. He lived in a family of seven with his wife, three children, and his wife's parents in a single-family home in the city built by his wife's parents. At that time, as a forklift driver, he earned an annual income of less than 7 million yen, but he had a large amount of debt, and in order to repay it, he sold his own car that was bought by his mother-in-law who loved himself, and also a number. I have run away from home several times. And he didn't go home after he suddenly left home about four years before the incident and came to Okinawa in January 1996. The Tanegashima family has been out of touch since calling "I'm working fine" four years before the incident. In October 1996, when he was on the run, his wife filed a complaint and a divorce was established. U was born in Abashiri City in 1959 (Showa 34) as the youngest of four siblings. He was not good at socializing when he was in junior high school, and he was an inconspicuous student.

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