Kuichigai Incident


January 18, 2022

Kuichigai Incident is an attempted assassination of Minister of the Right Iwakura Tomomi on January 14, 1874 in Akasaka Kuichigai, Tokyo. Also known as "Akasaka Kuichigai Incident" and "Iwakura Tomomi Distress Case".

Background of the incident

The fact that Takamori Saigo, Shinpei Eto, and Itagaki Taisuke, who were counselors of the Seikanron who lost the so-called Seikanron controversy that occurred in the government in October 1873, went down to the Seikanron theory. It was even more dissatisfied with the complainers. In particular, the grudge against the right minister, Tomomi Iwakura, and the Lord of Home Affairs, Toshimichi Okubo, who led the controversy on behalf of Daijo-daijin Sanjo Sanetomi, who had retired from the line due to a sudden illness, was gradually amplified.

Attempted assassination

On the night of January 14, 1874, Iwakura's carriage, which had finished his official duties and was on his way home from the temporary palace in Akasaka (which had the Akasaka palace as the palace due to the fire the previous year), was in Akasaka Kuichigai. As we approached, the assailants attacked Iwakura all at once. The assailants were Kumayoshi Takeichi, who was originally a member of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kikuma Takeichi, Norio Yamazaki, Nogata Shimazaki, Yoshiaki Shimomura, Masahiko Iwata, Yasumichi Nakayama, Shigeki Nakanishi, and Etsuta Sawada. .. Both were former bureaucrats and military personnel who resigned from their jobs according to Saigo and Itagaki. Although Iwakura was slightly injured under his eyebrows and his left hip by the attack of the assailant, he fell to Yotsuya Moat in his Imperial Palace, and the assailants lost sight of Iwakura, so he survived. However, his emotional upset was so great that his return to public service was on February 23, a month later (the Saga Rebellion occurred during his recuperation).

Disposal of assailants

Upon hearing the news, Toshimichi Okubo, the Lord of Home Affairs, immediately joined Saigo Judo. I feel relieved to know that Iwakura was slightly injured, but Okubo, who saw the situation of the attack of a high-ranking government official by the complainers, immediately ordered the Metropolitan Police Department's chief police officer, Kawaji Toshiyoshi, to search for the criminal immediately. On January 17, three days after the incident, nine people, including Kumayoshi Takeichi, were arrested. It is said that the clogs of Kumayoshi Takeichi left on the scene became a clue. On July 9, the same year, at the extraordinary court of the Ministry of Justice, all of them were sentenced to slaughter and executed at the Denmacho prison. Four years later, in 1878, Toshimichi Okubo was attacked and assassinated by Kioizaka Shimada, a Shizoku of Ishikawa Prefecture, at Kioizaka, just ahead of Kioizaka (→ Kioizaka Incident). ..


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