International Olympic Committee


July 5, 2022

The International Olympic Committee (ICIO, France: Comité international olympique; CIO, UK: International Olympic Committee; IOC, hereinafter referred to as IOC in this section) is a non-governmental sports organization headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland. Is. The IOC is organized as an association under the Swiss Civil Code (Articles 60-79). Founded in 1894 by Pierre de Coubertin and Demetrios Vikelas, it is responsible for hosting the modern Summer and Winter Olympics. The IOC is the governing body for the National Olympic Committee (NOC) and the world's "Olympic Movement" (IOC term for all organizations and individuals involved in the Olympics). As of 2016, the IOC has officially approved 206 NOCs. The current IOC President is Thomas Bach (Germany), who succeeded Jacques Rogge (Belgium) in September 2013.

History / Role

In 1894, Baron Pierre de Coubertin proposed the establishment of the modern Olympics, calling for world peace to be achieved through the Olympics. The IOC is the parent organization of the Organizing Committee of each Olympic Games, and is the only organization that holds the copyrights of Olympic trademarks, videos of past Games, and other Olympic-related intellectual property rights internationally. Is. It is also an organization that manages and supervises the so-called "Olympic Movement," which includes activities other than sports competitions related to the Olympic Games (cultural Olympic activities, the Olympic Museum, etc.). Furthermore, as an international organization for sports promotion, it is very closely linked with the International Federation of Sports, and is also focusing on sports promotion around the world through the National Olympic Committee, which is a subordinate organization of the IOC.

Official Languages ​​and Olympic Hymns

The official language of the IOC is French as the first language, then English, and all IOC conferences are run in two languages, French and English. If there are any doubts or discrepancies in interpretation between French and English, make the interpretation in French official. The "Olympic Hymn" is treated in the same way as the national anthem at international ceremonies.

Bid ​​to the Olympics

Cities that are willing to host the Olympics will apply to the IOC, and the host city will be decided by the votes of the IOC members at the IOC General Assembly. The decision of the Seoul Olympics revealed a scandal that some IOC members had bridged, and led by President Jacques Rogge, who took office in 2001, introduced a fair selection process by open ballot.


One member of the National Olympic Committee will be appointed as an IOC member from each country, but two from countries with active Olympic movements and experience in hosting the Olympics. The IOC General Assembly, which is organized by the IOC members, will be the highest decision-making body of the IOC. The IOC General Assembly elects the IOC President, IOC Vice President, Board Directors, and Treasurers, who form the Board. Various committees are organized under the board of directors. Committee members may be appointed by non-IOC members.

Affiliated organizations

It owns and manages the following foundations, corporations (Swiss corporations), and limited liability companies (Spanish corporations) as subordinate organizations, such as managing trademark rights, selling broadcasting rights, producing international broadcasts, and operating websites. Is carried out by these affiliated corporations. Olympic Foundation for Cuture and Herita