United Nations General Assembly


November 28, 2021

The United Nations General Assembly (English: United Nations General Assembly) is one of the major organizations of the United Nations. Basically, all United Nations member states participate.

Major institutions

It mainly consists of six committees set up according to the agenda. Committee 1 (DISEC, Disarmament and International Security): Disarmament and International Security Second Committee (ECOFIN, Economic and Financial): Economic and Financial Committee 3 (SOCHUM, Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian): Social humanitarian culture Committee 4 (SPECPOL, Special Political and Decolonisation): Special Political and Decolonization Committee 5 (Administrative and Budgetary and general): Administrative budget Committee 6 (Legal): Each Legal Committee has members from all United Nations member states, and at the beginning of each session, one chair, three vice-chairs and one rapporteur are elected. Invited United Nations General Assembly observers can also participate. In addition, the General Committee and the Credentials Committee.


It is possible to discuss the issues stipulated in the Charter of the United Nations and make recommendations to the Member States and the Security Council. (Article 10 of the Charter) Specifically, the following five can be mentioned. Deliberation and Recommendations on General Principles on Maintaining Peace and Security (Article 11 of the Charter) Promote international cooperation in the political, economic, social, cultural, educational and health fields. (Article 13 (1) a, b of the Charter) Encourage the gradual development and codification of international law. (Article 13 (1) a) of the Charter Assist in achieving human rights and fundamental freedoms for all without discrimination by race, gender, language or religion. (Article 13 (1) b of the Charter) Deliberation and approval of the United Nations budget, allocation of various contributions to member countries, deliberation and approval of financial and budget arrangements of specialized institutions, and inspection of the administrative budget of specialized institutions for the purpose of recommendation (Chart No. 1) Article 17)


Matters within the United Nations are legally binding. However, only UN Security Council resolutions are binding on Member States, and UN General Assembly resolutions remain advisory. On the other hand, countries dissatisfied with the current Security Council have called for strengthening the authority of the General Assembly, such as making the resolution binding.


Each United Nations member has one vote, but until the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union's constituent republics, the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic and the White Russia Soviet Socialist Republic, also had the Soviet Union Government. Was given one vote in a separate frame. The vote is decided by the approval or disapproval of the majority of the member countries who attended and voted. However, for important projects, a large number of two-thirds or more is required. Since the 1960s, a consensus method has also been introduced. (Article 18 of the Charter) At the opening of the general meeting, general debate speeches will be given by the leaders of each country. The leaders of each country will take the stage in order and give a speech within 15 minutes per person. It is customary for the order of speeches to be Brazil first and the United States second. There are various theories that the first reason for becoming Brazil is that it is the price of abandoning the status of a permanent member of the Security Council, and that Brazil has taken over the first that was once avoided by each country. ing. The second is the United States because the United Nations General Assembly will be held at a dedicated conference hall in the United Nations Headquarters Building in New York, with the United States as the host country. From the third onward, the order will be decided each time because the United Nations Secretariat will decide on the status of the orator.

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