January 18, 2022

Kunigami-gun is a county in Okinawa prefecture. Population 62,350, area 577.26 km², population density 108 people / km². (December 1, 2021, estimated population) Includes the following 2 towns and 7 villages. Kunigami Village Ogimi Village Higashimura Nakijin Village Motobu Town Onna Village Ginoza Village Kin Town Ie Village


1880 (Meiji 13) --The Kunigami Regional Office is established in Haneji Magiri Okakawa Village. 1882 (Meiji 15) --The government office is relocated to Nago Magiri Okanekumura. May 1889-Relocated the government office to the site of the Shuri police signature guardian office in Toe village. April 1, 1896-Kunigami Magiri (Nago Magiri, Onna Magiri, Kinbu Magiri, Hisashi) due to the enforcement of "Okinawa Prefecture No-gun Organization Niseki Suru" (Meiji 29, Decree No. 13) Magiri, Kunigami Magiri, Oyomi Magiri, Haneji Magiri, Imakijin Magiri, Headquarters Magiri) and Kunigami-gun as an administrative division were established with the area of ​​Iejima. The county office is set up in the Haneji Magiri. (9 Magiri 1 island) April 1, 1908-With the enforcement of the island town and village system, Nago Village, Onna Village, Kinbu Village, Kushi Village, Kunigami Village, Ogimi Village, Haneji Village, Nakijin Village, Motobu Village, Ie Village was established. (10 villages) 1923 (Taisho 12) March 31-The county council is abolished. The county office survives. April 1-Part of Kushi Village (Arume, Gesashi, Taira, Kawada, Miyagi) is separated as Higashi Village. (11 villages) February 1, 1924-Nago Village enforces the town system and becomes Nago Town. (1 town, 10 villages) June 30, 1926-The county office is abolished. After that, it will be the area division name. December 10, 1940-Motobu Village enforces the town system and becomes Motobu Town. (2 towns and 9 villages) After April 1, 1945-U.S. Navy Government Decree No. 1 gradually separates the U.S. military-occupied areas from the Japanese government's rule and puts them under the control of the United States. Showa 21 (1946) January-Transferred from the Allied Powers to US Army Administration by the Memorandum of Understanding of the Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers. April 1-Part of Kin Village (Ginoza, Sokei, Kanna, Kochiya) is separated as Ginoza Village. (2 towns and 10 villages) May 16-Part of Haneji Village (Yaga, Gabu, Yohena, Sumuide) is separated as Yagaji Village. (2 towns and 11 villages) May 20-Part of Nago Town (Yabu, Awa, Yamanoha, Umusa) is separated as Yabu Village. (2 towns and 12 villages) August 1, 1947-Part of Motobu Town (Jahana, Bise, Gushiken and Urasaki, Hamamoto) is separated as Kamimotobu Village. (2 towns and 13 villages) August 1, 1970-Nago Town, Yabu Village, Haneji Village, Kushi Village, and Yagaji Village merged and the city system was enforced, and Nago City was established and left the county. (1 town, 9 villages) November 1, 1971-Kamimotobu Village is incorporated into Motobu Town. (1 town, 8 villages) May 15, 1972-The whole area returns to Japan (Okinawa return). Article 3 of the "Act on Special Measures Accompanying the Return of Okinawa" stipulates that "Okinawa Prefecture shall naturally continue to exist as a prefecture stipulated by the Local Autonomy Act", and the Local Autonomy Act shall apply. .. April 1, 1980-Kin Village enforces the town system and becomes Kin Town. (2 towns and 7 villages)


Unless otherwise specified, it is based on "Kunigami-gun, Okinawa Prefecture". Kunigami District Office Director Kunigami District Mayor


Most of Yanbaru, known as a treasure trove of nature, belongs to Kunigami-gun. Administratively, Iheya Village and Izena Village in the Iheya Izena Islands, which belong to Shimajiri District, belong to Kunigami District in the prefectural assembly constituency and participate in the Kunigami District Convention in the county sports competition.



Genichiro Shimabukuro ed. "Kunigami-gun, Okinawa" Okinawa

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