Summer olympic games


May 21, 2022

The Summer Olympics (Kaki Olympics, France: Jeux olympiques d'été, English: Summer Olympic Games) are modern Olympics that take place in the summer. It is a festival based on Olympism and is a festival to spread Olympism to people. The goal of Olympism (Olympic philosophy) is to make sports useful for the harmonious growth of humankind in order to realize a peaceful world and protect human dignity. It's a celebration of peace, not just a multi-sport event. Held by the International Olympic Committee (abbreviation: IOC). The official name is the Olympiad Games (Games of the Olympiad). In Japanese, it is sometimes called the "Summer Olympics." Held in the first year of the four-year Olympiad. The 1st Summer Olympic Games were held in Athens in 1896. In some cases, the holding of the past three Summer Olympics has been canceled, but even in this case, the "reciprocal" (the "○○" part of the XXth) remains as it is. Only five countries, Greece, England, France, Switzerland and Australia (however, they participated as Australasia at the 1908 and 1912 Olympics) have participated since the first competition.

Tournament list

The left end is times. "Country" is the number of participating countries / regions (IOA also participated in 2000 and 2012).

Formal competition

The competitions to which the International Federation (IF) is a member of the Association of Summer Olympic Games (ASOIF) are official competitions and will be finalized at the International Olympic Committee (IOC) General Assembly seven years before the Games. The maximum number of competitions is 28. The number of competitions and events has continued to increase consistently, and since the number of competitions and events reached 28 and 300 at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, the bloat of the Olympics was regarded as a problem, and baseball and softball were removed at the 2012 London Olympics. It was reduced to 26 competitions and 302 events. The core competition system was introduced in 2007, and 26 competitions held in London (25 competitions in the 2020 Games) will not be excluded at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics. Golf and rugby (sevens) were added to the Rio tournament, and 28 competitions were held.


Swimming boat Sailing Canoe Water polo

Martial Arts

fencing wrestling boxing judo Taekwondo


shooting archery

Ball games

tennis soccer hockey basketball volleyball handball Table tennis badminton golf Rugby sevens

Combined competition

Modern pentathlon triathlon


Athletics Gymnastics Dance sports Weightlifting Cycling Equestrian

Competition popularity

The IOC divides the Summer Olympic Games into five categories (A-E) based on popularity: TV views (40%), Internet popularity (20%), public surveys (15%), and ticket requests (10%). , Press coverage (10%), and the total number of United Nations (5%). The sport category determines the share of Olympic income received by the League of Nations for that sporting sport. In 2016, the new Olympic competitions (rugby and golf) were included in Category E. The current categories are: Swimming includes swimming, diving, artistic swimming and water polo.

Host city selection

medals and prizes

Medal awarding and winning

A gold medal will be awarded to the athlete who ranked first in each sport, a silver medal will be awarded to the second place, and a bronze medal will be awarded to the third place.