Summer festival


August 8, 2022

Summer festival (Natsumatsuri) is a general term for festivals held in summer in Japan. Among them, it often refers to the period from early July to late August. Conversely, festivals after September are often treated as summer festivals if they are held in July of the lunar calendar.


Many of Japan's summer festivals originate from events such as the Urabon Festival (Bon Festival), Tanabata Festival, and the Gion Festival, or their related events. Therefore, it corresponds to the event in June and July in the lunar calendar. In rural societies, many of them tend to originate from events related to the exhaustion of labor due to farming in the summer, and in urban societies, many of them tend to originate from events to mourn the victims of epidemics in the summer before the Edo period. However, many of them have changed in nature due to modernization (therefore, their origins are not well recognized, and there is a strong tendency for summer festivals to be generally regarded as splendid events rather than solemn events). Also, many of them did not originate before the Edo period and began as modern events or imitated (and under the influence of) traditional summer festivals in other regions. In particular, the summer festival in August, which spans the Kyu-Bon season, is said to be a deeply emotional experience, as it is the time to return to one's hometown and reunite with old people during the festival. In port towns, there are many local variations, such as the Minato Festival. Many shrine festivals are also held during this period.

What happens at summer festivals

Bon Odori parade Fireworks display Stalls (ennichi plaza) floats, festival music Events using a special stage song show Character shows (mostly TV anime, Sentai series, local heroes, etc.) magic show karaoke competition

Typical summer festivals in Japan

Hokkaido Ubagami Grand Shrine Togyo Festival Aomori Prefecture Aomori Nebuta Festival - One of the three major festivals in Tohoku Hirosaki Neputa Festival Miyagi Prefecture Sendai Tanabata Festival - One of Tohoku's three major festivals Akita Akita Kanto Festival - One of Tohoku's three major festivals Fukushima Prefecture Fukushima Waraji Festival Gunma Prefecture Kiryu Yagibushi Festival Tokyo Fukagawa Festival - One of Edo's Three Great Festivals Ishikawa Prefecture Iida Town Lantern Mountain Festival Gifu Prefecture Gujo dance Aichi prefecture Owari Tsushima Tenno Festival - One of Japan's three major river festivals Kyoto Gion Matsuri - One of the three major festivals in Japan Osaka Prefecture Tenjin Festival - One of Japan's three major festivals and Osaka's three major summer festivals Hyogo Prefecture Yumura Fire Festival Tottori Prefecture Tottori Shan Shan Festival Tokushima Prefecture Awa Odori - Among them, Tokushima City Awa Odori is one of the three major festivals in Shikoku. Kochi Prefecture Yosakoi Festival - One of Shikoku's Three Great Festivals Fukuoka Prefecture Hakata Gion Yamakasa Kumamoto Prefecture Yamaga Lantern Festival Miyazaki Prefecture Miyakonojo Rokugatsuto Okage Matsuri

Summer festivals outside of Japan

Sabantuy - summer festival in the Middle Volga, Russia


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