August 8, 2022

Tensho is one of the Japanese era names. After Genki, before Bunroku. Refers to the period from 1573 to 1592. The emperors of this era were Emperor Ogimachi and Emperor Goyozei. The Seii Taishogun was Ashikaga Yoshiaki.

new era

Genki 4th July 28th (Julian calendar 1573 August 25th): The era name was changed due to disasters such as war. December 8, 1593 (Gregorian calendar January 10, 1593): Renamed to Bunroku.


It is said that Oda Nobunaga, who banished Ashikaga Yoshiaki from Kyoto, succeeded in having the era changed through court nobles and the imperial court, and the article on July 21, 1893 of Genki (3 days after Yoshiaki's banishment, 7 days before the era name change). ) also mentions that Nobunaga requested a change of era. However, the Imperial Court had been discussing the change of the era for more than a year, and according to the article dated March 29, 1893 of Genki, a messenger was sent to Nobunaga and Yoshiaki informing them of the proposal to change the era. It is said that he was dispatched. However, Yoshiaki ASHIKAGA, who is said to have requested the change of era name to 'Genki', objected to this and refused to contribute the expenses for the change ("Yudenjo Nikki", article of April 20, 1913 of Genki), and in September. He was also criticized in "The 17 Articles of Different Views," which Nobunaga created to criticize Yoshiaki. In addition, the era name kanmon has already been created on November 11, Genki 3. In addition, when the era was changed, the Imperial Court showed Nobunaga a kanbun and decided the era name as 'Tensho' according to his intention, and the fact that Nobunaga accepted the era change as the head of the samurai government was an event that symbolized the beginning of the Oda government. Met. On the other hand, it was not confirmed that Nobunaga was involved in the date of implementation of the era name change and the preparation of the kanmon, which could be said to be the substantive work of selecting the era name, and the era name change took the form of respecting the wishes of the Imperial Court.


From "Bunsen" ``Kimi shi moto, people eat heaven, right the last one the last book, good the latter the latter careful first'' and ``Laozi'' ``Peaceful person for the world positive''. Nagamasa TAKATSUJI, like Motoki, was the one who proposed, and Tensho was already included in the candidates at that time.

New calendar

In 1582, the calendar used in Europe was changed from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar under the leadership of the Catholic Church. It is necessary to keep this in mind when converting dates in the pre-modern Japanese calendar to the Gregorian calendar. However, the introduction of the Gregorian calendar differs from country to country, with Catholic countries (Italy, Spain, Poland, etc.) being early, Protestant countries (Germany, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, etc.) and countries with their own state religions (Britain, Russia, Greece, etc.) I was late. Countries that were the earliest to implement the Gregorian calendar began using it by setting the day after Thursday, October 4, 1582 on the Julian calendar to Friday, October 15, 1582 on the Gregorian calendar. The date of the Japanese calendar will be different from the Western calendar until January 1, 1873 (January 1, 1873) when the solar calendar (Gregorian calendar) was adopted. It should also be borne in mind that the transition from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar differs from country to country.

Events in the Tensho era

1573 8/1 - Takanobu Takeda attacked Yukimori Yamanaka, who was confined to Koshikiyama Castle in Inaba Province, and suffered a crushing defeat (Tanomo collapsed in Tottori). 8/20 - Yoshikage Asakura was attacked by Nobunaga Oda and killed himself (Battle of Ichijodani Castle) August 28 - Nagamasa Azai is attacked by Nobunaga ODA and commits suicide (his father Hisamasa Asai also committed suicide the day before) (Battle of Odani Castle) December 26 - Hisahide Matsunaga surrenders to Nobunaga Oda 2 years (1574) 1/19 - Ikko Ikki in Echizen Province (Echizen Ikko Ikki), Shugodai Nagatoshi Katsurada commits suicide September 29�