Oku Tadami Recreation City Park


July 5, 2022

Niigata Prefectural Oku Tadami Recreation City Park is a group of prefectural parks maintained in Uonuma City and Minami Uonuma City, Niigata Prefecture. It consists of 6 city parks. The Mutsumi Group manages and operates under the designated manager system.


Since the 1980s, it has been promoted as one of the Lek urban development projects of the Ministry of Construction, and the national, prefectural, local municipalities, and private companies have come together to integrate rest facilities, accommodation facilities, various service facilities, etc. with a large-scale city planning park as the core. It was decided to aim for development. Large-scale facilities such as ski resorts and golf courses will be constructed by attracting private companies. From the vast Okutadami area, 7 bases (Suhara, Michimitsu / Negoya, Koide, Urasa, Okutadami / Ginzandaira) have been established as areas to be focused on development (Okutadami recreation area). With the exception of the Okutadami / Ginzandaira area and part of Mt. Has been done.


1980 (Showa 55): Okutadami Area Comprehensive Development Plan Survey (Ministry of Construction, until 1982) 1982 (Showa 57) Oku Tadami Recreation City Basic Plan Survey (Niigata Prefecture, until 1984) 1985 (Showa 60): Formulated a five-year plan for the first park development and started the project August 1989: Start of service in Asakusa-dake area February 1991: Start of provision of Oyu area April 1992: Commencement of provision in the Suhara area June 1996: Commenced provision of Koide area 1998 (Heisei 10) October: Urasa area start of provision

Overview of each park

Yaironomori Park

Located along National Highway No. 17 Urasa Bypass, Urasa, Minami Uonuma City. In the park, there is Echigo Winery, its directly managed restaurant, and the Ikeda Art Museum, where you can worship Mt. Hakkai over the pond. Access A 15-minute walk from Urasa Station on the JR Joetsu Shinkansen and Joetsu Line. Parking lot for 200 cars. The nearest IC will be the Yamato Smart IC (3 minutes by car from the IC).

Hibiki no Mori Park

Located adjacent to the Koide interchange in Himizo, Uonuma city. Inside the park, there are the Koidego Cultural Center, the Snow Coliseum used for events, and the Satoyama Ecological Park. It is also the venue for the winter event, the Uonuma International Snowball Fight Tournament. Access Approximately 3.5 km from JR Koide Station. Access to the neighborhood is possible by the South Echigo sightseeing bus "Urasa Station East Exit" or "Muikamachi Line". Parking lot for 400 cars. 1 minute by car from Koide IC.

Flowers, greenery and snow village

Located adjacent to the Horinouchi interchange in Negoya, Uonuma city. With the theme of "creating Uonuma Satoyama Park," about 200,000 Shibazakura Squares and nature observation promenades are characteristic. Access Approximately 3.0 km from JR Echigo-Horinouchi Station. Parking lot for 109 cars. 3 minutes by car from Horinouchi IC.

Oyu Park

Located at the entrance of Oyu Onsen in Uonuma City, there is an "Exchange Center Yupio" with a plaza, a garden, a day trip hot spring facility, an indoor playground, and an arena. Access See Yunoya Onsenkyo #Access. Parking lot for 150 cars. 20 minutes by car from Koide IC.

Suhara Park

Located in Suhara, Uonuma City. It was developed as a park that creates a "hometown space" together with the national important cultural property, Meguro House. It consists of three areas: an area where you can experience the history and old life of Meguro House, an area where you can feel nature such as Uenoyama Botanical Garden and Firefly Pond, and an area where you can play with playset and open space. Adjacent to the park