May 21, 2022

Kannin is one of the Japanese era names. After Chowa, before security. Refers to the period from 1017 to 1021. The reigning emperor of this era was Emperor Go-Ichijo (68th generation).

Revised source

April 23, 6th year of Chowa (May 21, 1017, Julian calendar), revised. Kannin February 2, 5 (Julian calendar March 17, 1021), changed to "security".


From "Kuaiji Commandery" "Kuaiji Commandery".

Major events that occurred during the Kannin period

1017 (first year of Kannin) August-Submit a good letter from the farmer of Etchu Province, Kokushi. November --Apply for the appointment of Takatada Fujiwara, a farmer from Ise Province. 1019 (Kannin 3rd year) March 27-Toi's arrival in Tsushima. By April 13, Iki, Chikuzen, and Hizen will also be attacked. 1020 (Kannin 4th year) December 26-A group thief breaks into the mansion of Masamoto Kodera, who was formerly Mamoru Kaga, and the government is killed.

Comparison table with the Christian era

* Indicates a small month.


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