Ichiro Yamaguchi (singer)


July 5, 2022

Ichiro Yamaguchi (Ichiro Yamaguchi, September 8, 1980-) is a Japanese musician. He is a vocalist and guitarist of rock band Sakanaction. Born in Otaru, Hokkaido.


He is from Otaru City and graduated from Sapporo Daiichi High School. He has an O blood type. He is a frontman of Sakanaction and produces almost all songs. He rarely uses the notation "Ichiro" in addition to his real name "Ichiro". He says that the reason he started his music was his encounter with literature, and he attaches great importance to lyrics in his music production. His parents ran a coffee shop named "Merry-Go-Round" in Tomioka, Otaru. His father was born in Gero City, Hida, Gifu Prefecture, and was enthusiastic about the student movement while attending the Faculty of Law at Ritsumeikan University. He was elected a member of the Otaru City Council in 2003 after being involved in the Otaru Canal Conservation Activities, and after serving for three terms and 12 years, he now runs a wood carving workshop. Yamaguchi himself listened to the music playing at his parents' coffee shop, and while watching the live performances of Masato Tomobe and other folk singers, he was influenced and started playing the folk guitar at home. It is said that his first copy was the dolphin's "Nagori Yuki". He describes the beginning of his own music as folk songs, and in the process he met Kraftwerk, YMO, The Beatles and Simon & Garfunkel. He also lists Rei Harakami as an artist influenced by him. Prior to his debut, he said he heard Rei Harakami's songs while working part-time at a record store (HMV) and decided to devote himself to electronic music. The first CD he bought was B'z's "Taiyo no Komachi Angel". Sudden deafness developed in his right ear in 2010. He had barely heard his right ear for some time after the onset, but when he appeared in Jonetsu Tairiku (MBS TV) in 2015, he said he could hear low-pitched sounds. .. In 2020 he announced that he had a cluster headache as a chronic disease. On his own Instagram, he posted, "It's been many years since I had a cluster headache." In the case of Yamaguchi, it is said that the period in which seizures occur intensively (group period) lasts for several months. "Incredible pain hits one side of the head, the back of the eyes," he said of the symptoms. On July 1, 2022, he announced that he would be resting for a period of time due to poor physical condition.


Before major debut Inspired by the live performance of a folk singer who was performing live at his family's coffee shop, he began playing the folk guitar that was in his family's home. When he was 17, he was included in the record company Victor Entertainment's training frame. In 1998, he formed Dutchman with Iwadera and others who are classmates of Sapporo Daiichi High School. He writes and composes most of the songs. Although it was disbanded in 2005, some of the songs produced as Dutchman have been re-recorded as Sakanaction songs. At that time, Yamaguchi was a DJ and Iwadera was playing an ad lib with a guitar. 2007 When Yamaguchi's band with Iwadera and others made their major debut, Sakanaction was formed with Ami Kusakari, Emi Okazaki, and Keiichi Ejima, who were support members at the time, as official members. With the album "GO TO THE FUTURE", he made a major debut from Babe Star Label, which was a label under the umbrella of Victor Entertainment at that time. 2009