Gifu University


January 18, 2022

Gifu University (Gifu University, English: Gifu University) is a national university in Japan headquartered in 1-1 Yanagido, Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture. It was installed in 1949. The abbreviation of the university does not officially exist, but Gifu University is used as a common name.


University as a whole

It is the only national university in Gifu prefecture and has 5 faculties and 1 faculty. The former Gifu Normal School, the former Gifu Youth Normal School, and the former Gifu Agricultural and Forestry College were established as the parent bodies, and later the Gifu Prefectural University Faculty of Engineering and Gifu Prefectural Medical University were merged.


"Gifu University to learn, study and contribute"

Education and Research

The average graduate school enrollment rate is 61% (2020) for the Faculty of Engineering and 42% (2020) for the Faculty of Applied Biological Sciences. In April 2007, a joint graduate school (graduate school joint graduate school of medical information and medical information) was established with Gifu Pharmaceutical University regarding life science and drug discovery. In April 2008, a new graduate school for teaching profession (professional graduate school) was established, and the Graduate School of Agriculture was reorganized into the Graduate School of Applied Biosciences.

Academic spirit and characteristics

Gifu University's academic style is mentioned in the statement of intention of oath at the entrance ceremony in the past as "a free academic style with a good tradition." Regarding international exchange, as of September 12, 2018, we have concluded academic exchange agreements with 47 universities and 1 institution in 19 countries, and the Japanese Language and Culture Education Center (former International Student Center) has been established to support study abroad. Based on the area where the high school is located, more than half of all enrollees are from outside the prefecture, and moreover, those from Aichi prefecture (about 52%) than Gifu prefecture (about 33%). There are many. From Nagoya Station (Meitetsu Nagoya Station), the JR Tokaido Main Line runs to Gifu Station, and the Meitetsu Nagoya Main Line runs to Meitetsu Gifu Station, so many students go to school from Aichi Prefecture.



Gifu University is a new university established in 1949. Its origin can be traced back to the Normal Training School (later Gifu Normal School), which was founded in 1873 with the former Ogaki Domain Office as the school building, but the history of the university has the following two systems. The mainstream of Gifu University was established as a new university consisting of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences by integrating the old public educational institutions Gifu Normal School, Gifu Youth Normal School, and Gifu Agricultural and Forestry College that existed in Gifu Prefecture. It starts. As a sidestream, there is the new Gifu Medical and Technical University (later renamed Gifu Prefectural University), which was established in 1949 based on the old Gifu Prefectural Medical University and the old Gifu Technical College. In 1952, the Faculty of Engineering of Gifu Prefectural University was transferred to establish the Faculty of Engineering, and in 1964, the Faculty of Medicine of Gifu Prefectural Medical University (renamed Gifu Prefectural University School of Medicine) was merged to establish the Faculty of Medicine. Gifu University has its roots in 1873, the year of the Normal Training School, while it is in 1949. It is known as the university with the fourth oldest roots in Japan. In 2020, the National University Corporation Gifu University and the National University Corporation Nagoya University were integrated, and as a result of the new establishment of the National University Corporation Tokai National University Organization, the university management corporation has been changed.


May 1949 Established Gifu University by the National School Establishment Law. Established Faculty of Liberal Arts and Faculty of Agriculture. April 1951 Established a separate agricultural department. April 1952 The Faculty of Engineering of Gifu Prefectural University was integrated, and the Faculty of Engineering was established based on the same university. April 1959 Established the Department of Engineering, Faculty of Technology Junior College. April 1964 Gifu Prefectural Medical University was integrated and the medical school was established based on the university. April 1966 Renamed the Faculty of Arts and Sciences to the Faculty of Education. Established Graduate School of Agriculture and Department of Education. April 1967 University.

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