Iwakuni City


November 28, 2021

Iwakuni is a city located in the easternmost part of Yamaguchi Prefecture.


Located in the easternmost part of Yamaguchi Prefecture, it borders Hiroshima Prefecture across the Kose River. It is located between Hiroshima City and Shunan City. It is known for its scenic spots, Kintaikyo Bridge, and the habitat of the national natural monument, the white snake (white snake in Iwakuni). Also, like Hiroshima City (western part of Hiroshima Prefecture) and Shunan City, it plays a part in the Setouchi Industrial Area. At the Iwakuni Airfield on the delta created by Nishiki River, which originates in the Chugoku Mountains and flows into Hiroshima Bay, there are bases for the US Forces Japan (Marines) and the Self-Defense Forces (Marine Corps Air Station). The main transportation network such as Sanyo Main Line and Sanyo Expressway / National Highway No. 2 runs through the east and west of the city, and there are Iwakuni Airfield (Iwakuni Kintaikyo Airport), Iwakuni Port, Shin-Iwakuni Station, and Nishikigawa Railway, which is a third sector railway. .. It also has one side as a tourist city, and tourists visit each tourist spot in the city centering on Kintaikyo Bridge and Iwakuni Castle throughout the year. The current Iwakuni City is the second generation, and on March 20, 2006, the former Iwakuni City, Yuumachi, Kuga-gun, Kuga-cho, Hongo-mura, Shuto-cho, Nishiki-cho, Mikawa-cho, and Miwa-cho are eight cities, towns and villages. Was born by a new merger. Even after the merger, the names of the old towns and villages remain, except for the area of ​​the former Iwakuni city, but the readings are from "~ town" and "Hongo village" to "~ town". It was changed to "Hongo Town". Former Iwakuni City was a castle town of Iwakuni territory under the control of Mr. Yoshikawa during the Edo period. Since it was not recognized as a branch domain by the Choshu clan for a long time, Iwakuni territory became the Iwakuni clan in the 4th year of Keio after the Taisei Hokan. The northern part of the city prospered as a town of agriculture, forestry, and mines (Kugayama / Kuga) in the olden days. Currently, the old name is used to collectively refer to the "Yamashiro area".


Origin of city name

There is a theory that Iwakuni changed from the rock of Shiroyama. In addition, the original Iwakuni points to the area around Kintaikyo Bridge.


Located at the eastern end of the inland area of ​​Yamaguchi Prefecture. The Iwakuni-Gokaichi fault zone runs as if it crosses the center of the city. Rivers: Nishiki River system (Nishiki River, Misho River, Ikumi River, etc.), Kose River system (Kose River, etc.), Shimada River system (Shimada River, etc.) Lakes: Lake Yamashiro (Ikimigawa Dam), Lake Itsuseno (Mishogawa Dam), Lake Nakayama (Nakayama River Dam), Lake Yasaka (Yasaka Dam), Lake Pearl (Ozegawa Dam)

Adjacent municipalities

Yamaguchi Prefecture Hikari City Yanai City Shunan City Kuga-gun: Waki-cho Kumage District: Tabuse Town Hiroshima Otake City Hatsukaichi Shimane Prefecture Masuda City Kanoashi-gun: Yoshika-cho


Place name

See the place name of Iwakuni City.

Relationship with Hiroshima

While Yamaguchi City, the prefectural capital of Yamaguchi Prefecture, is about 100 km away, it is a government-designated city and the prefectural capital of Hiroshima Prefecture, and is a regional center city where most of the national branch offices to the Chugoku region are concentrated. It is about 35km to Hiroshima city. Hiroshima City and Iwakuni City are connected by multiple means of transportation such as National Highway No. 2, Sanyo Expressway (Hiroshima Iwakuni Road), and Sanyo Main Line. In most of the old city, Yuumachi, there are many households who watch the television broadcast of Hiroshima prefecture by pointing the antenna toward Hiroshima prefecture more than the broadcast in Yamaguchi prefecture. In the channel plan of the 1955's, which was originally only VHF, the broadcasting area is not a prefectural area but a metropolitan area unit, and the broadcasting area of ​​the Hiroshima metropolitan area station is within 60 km centered on Hiroshima. Therefore, the eastern part of Yamaguchi Prefecture, including Iwakuni City, which is included in this area, was once the official broadcasting area of ​​China Broadcasting (RCC) and Hiroshima Television (HTV), and the viewing habits from that time still continue.

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