Urban redevelopment


January 18, 2022

Urban redevelopment is the redevelopment (redevelopment) of an existing urban area. In English, there is the concept of urban renewal, and in Japanese it is translated as urban renewal.

Japanese urban redevelopment

In Japan, it often refers to the "urban redevelopment project" stipulated in the Urban Redevelopment Law. For other urban redevelopment, when a specific district system or comprehensive design system is used, when a statutory plan (for example, redevelopment promotion zone) is established by city planning and related laws, or when a project is voluntarily carried out (for example, a factory). Former site development) and so on.

About urban development project

"Urban development project" is one of the urban development projects listed in each item of Article 12, Paragraph 1 of the Town Planning and Zoning Act. The purpose is for local public organizations to constantly improve buildings such as public facilities and residential land in a certain area based on a comprehensive plan, and to develop a face-to-face urban area. "Urban development project": The city planning project stipulated in Article 12 of the Town Planning and Zoning Act is a land readjustment project under the Land Readjustment Act (Act No. 119 of 1954) as follows. New residential urban development project under the New Residential Urban Development Act (Act No. 134 of 1963) Industrial Complex Development Project under the Act on the Development of Suburban Development Zones and Urban Development Areas in the Metropolitan Area (Act No. 98 of 1958) or the Act on the Development and Development of Suburban Development Zones and Urban Development Areas in the Kinki Area (Act of 1964) Industrial complex development project by No. 145) New city infrastructure development project under the New Urban Infrastructure Development Act (Act No. 86 of 1972) Residential district development project under the Act on Special Measures Concerning Promotion of Supply of Housing and Residential Areas in Metropolitan Areas Disaster prevention district maintenance project under the Dense Urban Development Law Urban redevelopment project under the Urban Redevelopment Law

New city infrastructure development project

It is one of the urban development projects, and aims to improve the infrastructure of a healthy new city in the metropolitan area based on the New Urban Infrastructure Development Law, and to reduce the population concentration and the supply and demand of residential land in the metropolitan area. All projects are implemented as city planning projects in accordance with Article 5 of the New Urban Infrastructure Law, and while having natural and social conditions that should be developed as a new city in the vicinity of a large city, it is currently difficult to urbanize. In the area, Article 6 of the Act stipulates that the local public body or the Urban Revitalization Organization (former Urban Infrastructure Development Corporation or former Regional Development Corporation) will be the main business entity. After acquiring a certain percentage of the land from each brush in the enforcement area, the enforcer prepares the land to be allocated to the basic public facilities such as roads, railroads, parks, sewers, and development guidance areas by land consolidation by the land conversion method. By doing so, it is said that the foundation of the new city will be created. The development guidance area is a land area for guiding housing facilities, educational facilities, medical facilities, government facilities, purchasing facilities, etc. in a housing complex as a core area for development as a city. Of the enforcement areas, for other privately-owned lands other than the basic public facilities and development guidance areas, public reduction and replacement of land will be carried out in accordance with the land readjustment project. There have been no examples of new urban infrastructure development projects so far. The criteria for establishing a new city infrastructure development project are as follows according to Article 4 of the New City Infrastructure Law. If a city plan for roads, parks, sewers and other facilities has been established, determine it so that it conforms to the city plan. The area is a considerable part of a good residential area

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