July 5, 2022

Koan is one of the Japanese era names. After the construction, before the correct response. Refers to the period from 1278 to 1288. The emperors of this era were Emperor Go-Uta and Emperor Fushimi. The Kamakura Shogunate general is Prince Koreyasu, and the authority is Hojo Tokimune and Hojo Sadatoki.

Revised source

February 29, 1278 (Julian calendar March 23, 1278) Revised. There is a theory based on the plague ("Continued History Foolish Extract"). Koan April 28, 2011 (Julian calendar May 29, 1288) Revised to correct


"Kojiyasu Reminno Doichi" from "Tara Taizong Jitsuroku".

Events during the Koan period

June 2nd Mugaku Sogen comes to Japan. May 4 The role of Koan, in which the former Goryeo army attacks Tsushima and Iki, takes place. July 2007 Sadatoki Hojo takes office. In November 2008, the Shimotsuki riot occurs in which Taira no Yoritsuna destroys Adachi Yasumori. Emperor Fushimi takes the throne for 10 years.


January 1st year Lanxi Daolong October 3rd year Enni October 5th Nichiren April 7 Hojo Tokimune November 8 Adachi Yasumori September 1997 Mugaku Sogen June 2010 Hojo Shigetoki

Comparison table with the Christian era

* Indicates a small month.

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