January 22, 2022

Rape is generally against the will of a woman and forces her to have sexual intercourse by taking advantage of violence, intimidation, and loss of the other person's soul. It is a type of sexual violence, sexual violence, and sexual assault.

Etymology / notation

In Japanese media, it was once written as "rape" due to restrictions on the use of kanji by this kanji, but since the 2000s, it has been written as "rape" in kanji. The notation of rape in English has become common in modern Japanese society with the influx of Western culture and the growing awareness of women's human rights. In the past, the Japanese mass media reported the case as "rough" in a euphemistic manner, and when the victim was a child or child, it was also called "mischief." The term "assault" is also used, but it is also used for acts of violence that are not sexual assault. Under Roman law, a man who abducted a woman under the control of another man was charged with Laps. At the time of the abduction, it was completed and adultery was not a requirement. Rape is the etymology of rape. When there are multiple perpetrators, it is sometimes called gangbang. If the victim is a male and the perpetrator is a female, it is also commonly referred to as "reverse rape." In the police industry and the criminal defense industry, rape cases are sometimes expressed in the jargon called Tsukkomi.


What to do if you are raped

Contraception should be prioritized if raped and ejaculated in the vagina. Within 72 hours after the damage, she will go to the obstetrics and gynecology department to check for sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. If you report the damage to the police, the inspection fee will be borne by the public. In obstetrics and gynecology, emergency contraception with after-pills (such as Norrevo) is performed to prevent pregnancy. In addition, if consent is given at this time, evidence such as pubic hair and semen of the perpetrator necessary to prove rape will be collected. There are institutions that support sexual victims in many areas, and obstetrics and gynecology is selected based on referrals from these agencies and police referrals. Mental support such as subsequent counseling is also extremely important. Victims often suffer from psychological reactions such as mental instability, insomnia, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) due to the strong fear of rape, and often fall into human distrust. There are one-stop support centers all over the country that provide support in one place. Those around you avoid saying and acting as if the victim had some responsibility. It is called "secondary damage" or "second rape" to act to the victim who has suffered sexual damage to further hurt the surrounding people. Also, if the person does not want to go to the hospital or counseling institution immediately, avoid forcibly taking him / her.


The Osaka Prefectural Police Department has introduced crime prevention measures to reduce the risk of having sex crimes. Since there are many cases of damage on the way home on the road, choose a busy road or a bright road. When it is unavoidable to walk alone on an unpopular dark road, pay attention to the surrounding situation, raise your face and walk through with a resolute attitude. Also, make the security buzzer always available. If you walk while operating your smartphone or listening to a music player, you may not hear the sound of a suspicious person approaching you, or you may be emptied by concentrating on your smartphone or music, delaying your response to immediate events. Avoid walking smartphones. If a stranger calls you, keep a distance from the other person and respond. "Together

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