November 28, 2021

A coachman is a worker (driver) who operates a carriage or carriage powered by working animals such as horses from a dedicated seat on a vehicle. In English, there are names such as Coachman, coachee, coachy, and whip. In Ireland it is called jarvey or jarvie. In the case of a cart, a coachman who handles carters, multiple horses, mules, etc. is called a team star.

About the etymology of the coach

The name of the town of Kocs in Hungary was later given to the name of the carriage that spread throughout Europe, and the carriage named Coach was used not only in English but also in German and Spanish.

Related professions

Groom (horseman, horseman, betto) Postilion-A driver who steers a carriage while riding on a working animal, not on the carriage side. There are also ritual units such as towing hearse at state funerals such as the President of the United States. Originally, it was a guide for a messenger or a mail coach, but now it also refers to a messenger or a postman. Especially for lightweight objects and high-speed movement, it was more useful than the coachman. Coach-Sports instructor. The name comes from the coach of the carriage, and it is about the vehicle that takes you to the destination and the guidance and achievement of the purpose.


Related items

Ulster coat-a coat worn by the coachman to prevent it from getting wet in the rain

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