Aichi prefecture


November 28, 2021

Aichi Prefecture (Aichi Prefecture) is a prefecture located in the central and Tokai regions of Japan. The prefectural capital is Nagoya City. Located in the central part of the Japanese archipelago, it has the fourth largest population in all prefectures after Tokyo, Kanagawa and Osaka. Nagoya, where the prefectural office is located, has the largest population in the Chubu region and is the central city in the region.


The prefecture is roughly divided into the Owari region and the Mikawa region, and the Mikawa region is further divided into the Nishi-Mikawa region and the Higashi Mikawa region. The area ratio of Owari, Nishi-Mikawa, and Higashi-Mikawa is approximately 1: 1: 1, and the population ratio is approximately 7: 2: 1. It is one of the prefectures whose county name was changed to the prefecture name, and is derived from Aichi-gun, to which the center of present-day Nagoya city belonged. There is a song in "Manyoshu" written by Takechi no Kurohito, "Ayuchigata, a crane that crows to Sakurada." Is said to have been adopted as the county name of Aichi-gun under the decree system. In addition, there are Ayuchi's water (spring) theory and Ayuchi village theory. In ancient times, it was also written as "Ayuichi" and "Aichi" in addition to "Year Fish Market". Nominal gross domestic product (GDP) and per capita income are second only to Tokyo in Japan. It is also an industrial prefecture with the Chukyo Industrial Area, and the annual shipment value of manufactured goods reaches 48 trillion yen, which is the largest in Japan (No. 1 in Japan for 44 consecutive years). In addition, the annual product sales (2019) is 33,729.2 billion yen, which is the third largest in the country, and the agricultural output (2019) is 294.9 billion yen, which is the eighth in the country. be.

Geography / Region


According to the Geographical Survey Institute's area survey by prefecture, city, ward, town, and village, the area of ​​Aichi prefecture is 5172.92 square kilometers. According to "Aichi Prefecture Municipal Offices / Offices and Longitude / Latitude of East, West, South and North Ends (World Geodetic System)" (Geographical Survey Institute), the size of Aichi Prefecture is as follows. At the same time, the center of population according to "Japan's Center of Population-From the Results of the 2015 Census-" (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications) is also described. Prefectural Office --35 degrees 10 minutes 49 seconds north latitude 136 degrees 54 minutes 24 seconds east longitude (Sannomaru 3-chome, Naka-ku, Nagoya City) East end --35 degrees 12 minutes 45 seconds north latitude 137 degrees 50 minutes 17 seconds east longitude (Tomiyama, Toyone-mura, Kitashitara-gun) West end --35 degrees 08 minutes 31 seconds north latitude 136 degrees 40 minutes 15 seconds east longitude (Fukuwara, Tatsuda-cho, Aisai City) South end --34 degrees 34 minutes 41 seconds north latitude 137 degrees 02 minutes 11 seconds east longitude (Honeyama, Hiicho, Tahara City) North end --35 degrees 25 minutes 30 seconds north latitude 136 degrees 59 minutes 24 seconds east longitude (Kurisu Daihei, Inuyama City) Center of gravity of population --35 degrees 05 minutes 12.06 seconds north latitude 137 degrees 00 minutes 04.65 seconds east longitude (4-chome, Tokushige, Midori-ku, Nagoya City) The center of gravity obtained is as follows. The north end is the central part of the Kiso River in the west-southwest of Sakahogi Town Hall, the south end is the curved coastline to the east of Cape Irago, the east end is near Kowada Station, and the west end is the central part of the Nagara River in the south of the Nagara River Ohashi. According to the 2010 census of the Statistics Bureau, the center of population is near 4-chome, Tokushige, Midori-ku, Nagoya.


The western part is generally flat and densely populated. There are many mountains in the eastern part, but the flat land on the southern sea side is urbanized along the Tokaido.


Mountain 1,000 meters class Chausuyama (highest peak, 1,415m, Toyone Village) Hagitaroyama (1,358m, Toyone Village) Tengudana (1,240m, Toyota City, Shitara Town) Mt. Takanosu (1,152m, Shitara Town) Iyama (1,195m, Toyota City, Shitara Town) Yatsugadakeyama (1,140m, Toyone Village) Nebisogatake (1,121m, Toyota City) Nihongatsukayama (1,107m, Toyone Village) Dekiyama (1,052m, Shitara Town) Mt. Myojin (1,016m, Shinshiro City, Toei Town) Osuzu

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