Memorial day


July 5, 2022

Memorial Day is a memorial day established by Okinawa Prefecture, and the date is June 23. It is set as a day to commemorate the war dead such as the Battle of Okinawa. It is also a holiday for Okinawa Prefecture and municipal organizations in Okinawa Prefecture.


In 1961 (Showa 36), 16 years after the end of World War II, the Okinawa Memorial Day for the War Dead petitioned the Ryukyu government to establish "War Dead Memorial Day", and the content of the petition was "1945". On June 23, the 32nd Army Commander Mitsuru Ushijima (later General) and Chief Isamu Cho (later General) decided on their own, and the functions of the former Imperial Japanese Army Command collapsed and the entire army The organized defense battle is over, and it is equivalent to crushing the ball. " After that, in the process of deliberation of "legislation on holidays of residents" at the Legislature of the Ryukyu Government, the 22nd was established as "Okinawa Memorial Day" instead of the 23rd. The "Legislation on Residents' Holidays" was promulgated and enforced on July 24, along with other holidays (Ryukyu Government Foundation Day, International Friendship Day, Peace Day). It was treated as a holiday. In March 1965, the 28th Legislative Assembly submitted the "Bill for Partial Amendment of the Legislation on Residents' Holidays", and the Administrative Legislative Committee re-examined it during the deliberation to change "Okinawa Memorial Day". , Ministry of Finance Office Investigation Division Issued Memorandum End of War Financial Disposal Volume 7 was deliberated and revised "Okinawa Memorial Day" on June 23. After the return of Okinawa, according to the "Okinawa Memorial Day Ordinance" enacted in 1974, "Okinawa lost many precious lives, property and cultural heritage in World War II. In light of the historical facts, we take this seriously, and in order to seek lasting peace, which is a universal wish of humankind, and to comfort the spirits of the war dead so that the devastation caused by the war will not occur again (Article 1 of the Ordinance). " , June 23 is designated as "Okinawa Memorial Day". The eve of the "Memorial Ceremony for All War Dead", which will be described later, and the Peace Memorial Service March held on the morning of the memorial service will be held in the same way. Emperor Akihito has a strong feeling for the memorial service to Okinawa, which Emperor Showa was unable to enlighten during his lifetime, and when he first visited Okinawa in 1975, he pointed out that there were few descriptions of Okinawa in the textbooks of mainland schools. There are episodes such as Therefore, in August 1981, "I think there are four things that must be remembered in Japan. Anniversary of the end of the war, Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Day, Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Day, and June 23. It is the day of the end of the battle of Okinawa in the day. "

History of enactment date

As mentioned above, the Ryukyu government era also changed from June 22nd to June 23rd. Regarding this, the Battle of Okinawa began in earnest with the landing of the U.S. Army on the main island of Okinawa on April 1, 1945, and the headquarters, including General Mitsuru Ushijima (then a middle general), commander of the 32nd Army, decided on their own. It is said that the organized battle ended on a day-to-day basis. There is a June 22 theory and a June 23 theory about this self-determined day, and there is debate as to which is the actual day. Under the influence of this, the above-mentioned changes have been enacted. Currently, the memorial day is set to June 23 by the above-mentioned ordinance that sets the memorial day for Okinawa Prefecture. On the other hand, sporadic fighting continued after the day of HQ self-determination, as soldiers who were not informed of the destruction of HQ continued to resist. For this reason, there are some who question the fact that the Memorial Day is set as the commander's self-determination day. For example, in Okinawa City, Memorial Day is a public holiday.