Coming of age day


January 18, 2022

Coming-of-Age Day is one of the national holidays of Japan. The Happy Monday system provides the second Monday of January. It was January 15th until 1999 (Heisei 11).


On Coming-of-Age Day, according to Article 2 of the National Holiday Law (Holiday Law, Law No. 178, July 20, 1948), "We celebrate young people who are aware that they have grown up and are trying to survive on their own. The purpose is that. On this day, an adult ceremony will be held in each municipality, inviting new adults. (However, there are many regions that are held during the Golden Week holidays and during the Obon festival in consideration of the effects of heavy snowfall and the time when it is easy to return home.) Originally, Coming-of-Age Day is a person who has a birthday from the day after the Coming-of-Age Day of the previous year to the Coming-of-Age Day of the year (eg, from January 16, 1997 to January 1998 for a new adult in 1998). It was a day to celebrate (people who turned 20 by the 15th), but today, although the time cannot be specified, people who grow up from April 2 of the previous year to April 1 of that year are eligible to participate in the ceremony. The so-called school age method has become established.


Until 1999

It was enacted by the Holidays Act promulgated and enforced in 1948. From the enactment to 1999, it was January 15th every year. It is said that the reason why Coming-of-Age Day was set to January 15th is that this day was the First Full Moon Festival and that the genpuku ceremony was once held during the First Full Moon Festival. In the era when January 15th was fixed as Coming-of-Age Day, the common primary examination was conducted in 1983/84, and the center examination was conducted in 1994/95. Since the Rugby Japan Championship was once held on January 15, there are cases where athletes welcoming adults participated.

Since 2000

With the introduction of the Happy Monday system, it was changed from 2000 to the second Monday of January, that is, the day corresponding to Monday from January 8 to 14 of that year. If January 1st (New Year's Day) is the first Monday, January 8th will be Coming-of-Age Day on the second Monday. At the same time, many schools have longer winter vacations. Furthermore, in the year when January 8th is the second Monday, some companies may extend the year-end and New Year holidays to January 8th. In rural areas, many local governments hold seijin-shiki on the Sunday before Coming-of-Age Day (any Sunday between January 7 and 13) so that new adults returning home can easily participate. Before the introduction of the Happy Monday system, many adults had difficulty attending the coming-of-age ceremony in their hometown due to traffic conditions, etc. Some local governments (mainly local governments in western Japan) that held adult ceremonies during the New Year, Golden Week, Obon, etc. have returned to holding the Coming-of-Age Day (or the day before) in January. On the other hand, in heavy snowfall and cold regions such as the Tohoku region, many local governments still hold Obon festivals.


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