Recording Industry Association of Japan


July 5, 2022

The Recording Industry Association of Japan (Recording Industry Association of Japan) is a general incorporated association made up of record companies in Japan. It is an organization that mainly issues the ISRC (International Standard Recording Code), which is the identification number of recording media. The abbreviation is RIAJ, and it is sometimes called "Recording Industry Association of Japan" or "Recording Industry Association of Japan". Within the association, there is an ethics organization called the Record Production Standards Ethics Committee (Reco Rin).


On behalf of the record maker, exercise the "secondary usage fee claim right" (when the song is broadcast, etc.) and the "rental record compensation claim right", and collect and distribute the usage fee, etc. There is. Due to the illegal download, L-Mark is issued to the site that distributes based on the formal contract with the record company and video production company belonging to the Recording Industry Association of Japan. In addition to holding the Japan Gold Disc Award as an industry group, as part of various research studies on records, we are conducting a record production performance survey and certification of gold / million, etc. (described later).


1942 --Established Japan Phonograph Record Culture Association. 1944-Renamed to "Japan Sound Board Association". 1949 --Renamed to "Japan Phonograph Record Association". 1957-Approved by the Japan Chapter of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI). 1969 --Renamed to "Recording Industry Association of Japan". 1980-Recommended by the Fair Trade Commission for compulsory resale price maintenance for member companies. 1985-A tentative agreement was reached with the Japan Record Rental Commercial Association to lend commercial records. 1987-The 1st Japan Gold Disc Awards are held. 1989 --Started certification of gold discs, platinum discs, and million sellers. 1993 --Start receiving compensation with the establishment of the Private Recording Compensation Management Association (SARAH). 2002 --Determined unified display standard for copy control CDs. 2004 --Filing a lawsuit for damages against users of P2P software "WinMX". 2008 --Started operation of L-Mark. 2010 --With the reform of the public interest corporation system, the transition to the Recording Industry Association of Japan. 2012-In September, "STOP! Illegal Download Public Relations Committee" was established jointly with the Japan Association of Music Enterprises, the Japan Association of Music Enterprises, the Japan Music Publishers Association and other music industry groups.


Regular member

As of July 1, 2021, 18 regular members. Nippon Columbia JVC Kenwood Victor Entertainment King records Teichiku Entertainment Universal Music Japan Nippon crown Tokuma Japan Communications Sony Music Labels Pony Canyon Warner Music Japan VAP Being Avex Entertainment For Life Music Entertainment Yamaha Music Communications Dreamusic Yoshimoto Music BANDAI NAMCO Music Live

Gold / Million etc. certification

History and Overview

The Recording Industry Association of Japan started a certification system for gold music works in 1989. Since then, CD albums and singles that have exceeded a certain number of shipments (called net sales) have been given titles such as gold, platinum, and million according to their respective standards. As a general rule, the target is from January 21, 1989 by the record companies that are members of the association.