May 21, 2022

Dentists (Dentist, Doctor of Dental Surgery, Doctor of Dental Medicine) are medical professionals who are responsible for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of injuries and illnesses, and the dissemination of public health based on dentistry. ..

Japanese dentist

In Japan, the duties, etc. are stipulated by the Dental Practitioners Law. Occupational license and name monopoly medical qualification.


The Dental Practitioners Law stipulates that a dentist "is responsible for contributing to the improvement and promotion of public health and ensuring a healthy life for the people by exclusively managing dentistry and health guidance." Has been done. "Dental medicine" is an act related to occlusal construction (prosthesis, filling, orthodontics), treatment of diseases that occur on the lower face such as teeth, jawbone, oral mucosa, tongue, lips, salivary glands, and masticatory muscles, and systemic diseases. Of these, treatment of diseases that appear in the oral cavity or lower face and functional recovery training. The parts that overlap with the medical practice of the Doctor Law are oral diseases in otolaryngology (oral cancer, tongue cancer, etc.), oral mucosal diseases in dermatology, etc., but both doctors and dentists (dentist and oral surgery dentists) I am doing medical treatment. However, when oral cancer has spread to organs of the whole body other than the oral cavity, doctors and dentists exchange opinions on treatment policies with each other, and medical-dental cooperation treatment is performed there. In addition, doctors advocate otolaryngology and head and neck surgery, and dentistry and oral surgery only advocate dentists. Doctors cannot advocate dental and oral surgery. A dentist is a healthcare professional who performs dentistry related to occlusion, which is not allowed by doctors. It is a violation of the Dental Practitioners Act if a doctor performs "medical treatment related to occlusion" such as dentures and orthodontics. In addition, "stand-by surgery for the purpose of changing the jaw position" such as osteotomy orthodontic surgery is a dentist's business, and if it is performed by anyone other than a dentist, it is a violation of the Dentist Law. The anatomical area around the oral cavity is not limited to the scope of diagnosis and medical practice, but also includes drug dependence that causes diseases of the teeth and oral cavity, for example. There are many dentists who are good at psychiatry and psychiatry as part of the treatment of teeth and oral cavity (however, it is not possible to diagnose general mental illness and addiction or perform medical treatment based on the dentist. not).


In Japan today, you cannot become a dentist unless you graduate from a formal course on dentistry (dentistry, 6-year system) at a university designated by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and pass the national dentist examination. Therefore, all dentists have a bachelor's degree (dentistry). However, a person who has a "doctor (dentistry)" is not always a dentist. If it is appropriate to publish multiple papers in the doctoral program of the graduate school of dentistry or in the laboratory of the graduate school of dentistry, apply for a doctoral degree in the graduate school of dentistry, and be given a doctoral degree in the examination of graduate school professors, the doctoral degree is dentistry. It is given even if you are not a doctor (similarly, a doctor always has a bachelor's degree (medicine), but a person who has a "doctor (medicine)" is not always a doctor).

National qualification of dentist

In Japan, a dentist is a national qualification separate from a doctor. To become a dentist, you must pass the national dentist exam. You cannot become a dentist just by graduating from the Faculty of Dentistry and getting a bachelor's degree (dentistry). As a general rule, the qualifications for the national dentist examination are given to those who have graduated from a formal course of dentistry at a university and those who are expected to graduate (Bachelor (dentistry)). Regular course