Consumer Affairs Agency


January 18, 2022

The Consumer Affairs Agency (English: Consumer Affairs Agency, abbreviation: CAA) is one of the government agencies in Japan. It is an external agency of the Cabinet Office established for the purpose of carrying out office work related to the administration of consumers and the quality labeling of goods closely related to consumer life.


The Consumer Affairs Agency enacted a related law in May 2009 with the aim of realizing an organization that monitors overall policies from the consumer's perspective, and was inaugurated on September 1 of the same year. The National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan is an independent administrative agency under the jurisdiction of the Consumer Affairs Agency, and plays a role as a core implementing agency for consumer administration in cooperation with consumer affairs centers nationwide. It does not have a departmental system, and a section is set up directly under the deputy director. Immediately after its inauguration, the number of regular staff was only about 200, so the Consumer Safety Division, which conducts on-site inspections and dispositions, could only secure about 2,30 staff. Therefore, it was planned to hire about 100 part-time employees from the police and the Fair Trade Commission, who have a wealth of knowledge and experience in investigations and regulations, and actively invest these part-time employees in on-site investigations. .. The Consumer Commission was established at the same time as the Consumer Affairs Agency in the Cabinet Office as a third-party organization that has a monitoring function for the general consumer administration of the Consumer Affairs Agency and related ministries and agencies. The Consumer Commission is positioned as a council of the Cabinet Office, and is organized by up to 10 members appointed by the Prime Minister. In addition to the secretariat, temporary members and expert advisors will be appointed as necessary. The Consumer Policy Council has been set up as a special body of the Cabinet Office to prepare a draft consumer basic plan based on the Consumer Basic Law and monitor its implementation status. The general affairs of the conference are handled by the Consumer Affairs Agency's Consumer Policy Division.


The organization of the Consumer Affairs Agency is basically stipulated hierarchically by the Consumer Affairs Agency and the Consumer Affairs Agency Establishment Law, the Consumer Affairs Agency Organization Ordinance of the Cabinet Order, and the Consumer Affairs Agency Organization Regulations of the Cabinet Office Ordinance.

Special job

Consumer Affairs Agency Commissioner Deputy Director of Consumer Affairs Agency Deputy Director General of Policy Planning Deputy Director (4 people) Counselor (2 people)

Internal Subdivision

General Affairs Division-Administration Office, Public Relations Office Consumer Policy Division-International Office, Property Damage Countermeasures Office Consumer System Division Consumer Education and Local Cooperation Division-Consumer Education Promotion Office Consumer Research Division Consumer Safety Division-Accident Investigation Office Transaction Countermeasures Section Labeling Countermeasures Section-Food Labeling Countermeasures Office Food Labeling Planning Division

Council, etc.

Consumer Safety Investigation Committee (Article 15 of the Consumer Safety Law) Consumer Education Promotion Council (Article 19 of the Law Concerning Promotion of Consumer Education)

Jurisdiction, finance, staff

See the relevant section of the Cabinet Office

Successive Ministers

Successive Secretaries

Executive staff

The Consumer Affairs Agency executives are: Consumer Affairs Agency Secretary: Akiko Ito Deputy Director: Kiyoshi Takada Deputy Director General of Policy Planning: Jiro Hashimoto Deputy Director: Ryusuke Takashima Deputy Director: Kazuyuki Katagiri Deputy Director: Susumu Sakata Deputy Director: Hideki Kusakabe

Installation process and issues

Background to installation

Before the establishment of the Consumer Affairs Agency, the consumer administration was under the jurisdiction of many ministries and agencies for each product and business, and these vertically divided administrations involved konjac jelly choking accidents, Chinese-made frozen dumpling poisoning accidents, paroma water heater fatal accidents, and Shibuya. Regarding the hot spring facility explosion accident, etc., the delay in administrative response was revealed. For this reason, there was an urgent need to unify consumer administration. The Consumer Affairs Agency stated in its policy speech at the 169th Diet session (ordinary session) by Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda on January 18, 2008, "Unifying consumer administration. , Strong authority to promote centrally.

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