Shiga University of Medical Science


November 28, 2021

Shiga University of Medical Science (English: Shiga University of Medical Science) is a national university in Japan headquartered in Setatsukinowa-cho, Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture. It was installed in 1974. The abbreviation of the university is Shiga University of Medical Science.


University as a whole

Shiga University of Medical Science opened in 1974 (Showa 49) and is the only medical university in Shiga prefecture. It was established in August 1976 as part of the Biwako Cultural Park City Plan. Our basic philosophy is to contribute to community medicine and to train researchers who will be disseminated to the world through distinctive medical and nursing education. The merger with Shiga University, Kyoto University of Education, and Kyoto Institute of Technology was under discussion, but it is frozen. We have a credit transfer agreement with The Open University of Japan, and credits earned at the Open University of Japan can be recognized as credits required for graduation. In addition to this, as for cooperation between universities, an agreement was signed with Waseda University, Yamagata University, and Tokyo University of Science on January 31, 2018 for cooperation between universities regarding education for entrepreneurship development. ..


The university site straddles Otsu City and Kusatsu City, but the university headquarters is located in the Otsu City area and the affiliated hospital is located in the Kusatsu City area. Kinichiro Nozaki, the governor of Shiga Prefecture, contacted Kusatsu City that the medical college would be set up on the Kusatsu City side in connection with the problem of Yabasekihan Island. He said it was most desirable to be placed. However, the prefectural assembly in September stated that the layout of the facility was not definitive, and Kusatsu City protested this and became a form of conflict with Otsu City, but with the intention of the Ministry of Education, it may be built in its current form. decided.



1974 Opened at a temporary school building in Moriyama City, Shiga Prefecture. 1976 Moved to Setatsukinowacho, Otsu City with the completion of the main school building. 1978 Established an affiliated hospital in the Faculty of Medicine. 1981 Established Graduate School of Medicine. 1994 Established Department of Nursing, School of Medicine. 1998 Established the Master's Program in Nursing, Graduate School of Medicine. It will be a university operated by Shiga University of Medical Science, which was established by the National University Corporation Law in 2004. 2017 Concluded a comprehensive cooperation agreement with Kansai Urban Banking Corporation and Shiga Bank. 2018 Concluded a comprehensive cooperation agreement with Shiga Chuou Shinkin Bank.

Basic data



Academic Chapter

It is a combination of the ripples of "Shiga of ripples" and the waves of light that "illuminate a corner".

Academic Song

"Shiga University of Medical Science" (written by Yuio Tomokichi, composed by Akira Tamai)

Education and Research



School of medicine Department of Medicine Basic medicine course Life science course Physics Chemistry biology Math Life informatics Medical Culture Course philosophy Sociology English German Cultural anthropology psychology Anatomy course Biological function morphology Neuromorphology Physiology course Integrated organ physiology Cell function physiology Biochemistry / Molecular Biology Course Molecular physiology chemistry Molecular pathological biochemistry Regeneration / restoration medicine Pathology course Molecular diagnostic pathology Disease control pathology Microbial infectious disease science Pharmacology course Social medicine course Hygiene Public health Medical statistics Forensic medicine Clinical medicine course Internal medicine course Cardiovascular / respiratory Digestive / blood Endocrine metabolism / kidney / nerve Pediatrics course Psychiatry course Dermatology course Surgery course Digestive and mammary glands in general Cardiovascular / respiratory Orthopedic Surgery Course Neurosurgery Course Otolaryngology course Obstetrics and Gynecology Course Urology course Ophthalmology course Anesthesiology course Radiology course Dental and Oral Surgery Laboratory Medicine Course Emergency Intensive Care Medicine Course Family medicine course Clinical Oncology Course Comprehensive Internal Medicine Course Comprehensive Surgery Course Plastic Surgery Course

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