Shiga Prefecture


January 18, 2022

Shiga Prefecture (English: Shiga Prefecture) is a prefecture located in the Kinki region of Japan. The prefectural office is located in Otsu City.


It is completely consistent with the province of Omi (Omi). The prefecture name was adopted from the county name "Shiga-gun" to which Otsu belonged. The pronunciation of "Shiga" is often accented with "" in the common dialect (head-high accent), but in the local area, it is often accented with "ga" (tail-high accent) (when "Shiga Prefecture" is used). Is the same accent for both common languages ​​and local dialects). Lake Biwa is a symbol of the prefecture, as "Ohmi" is derived from "Ohmi Tankai" and Shiga Prefecture is still called "Lake Country". Its existence is large as an industrial water, a source of drinking water, and a tourism resource, and its regional characteristics differ across Lake Biwa. Due to the existence of Lake Biwa, it has the only fishing port in the inland prefecture, and there are as many as 20 ports. In the Middle Ages and early modern times when water transport was flourishing, many important inland water ports such as Otsu and Katata developed as relay points connecting Wakasa Bay and above. It is also a key point of land transportation where Tokaido, Tosan-do (Nakasendo), and Hokuriku-do meet, and it was often the stage of war, saying that "the one who controls Omi controls the world." The convenience of transportation brought about the outflow of human resources, and before the war, Shiga Prefecture had more outflow population than inflow population. From the Middle Ages to the modern era, many graduates expanded into various parts of the country as Omi merchants, and even the saying that "Ayu from Lake Biwa goes out and grows bigger" was born. After the Pacific War, the convenience of transportation was reaffirmed with the development of highways and the rise of truck distribution, and distribution bases, factories and R & D facilities expanded one after another. It has also attracted attention as a bed town in the prefecture and Osaka prefecture, and has become one of the few prefectures with a growing population outside the metropolitan area. Development is progressing in the southern part near Kyoto and Osaka, and there is an economic disparity with the northern part. In the south, new residential areas spread out, and condominiums are built in front of the station. On the other hand, in the north and west, the rural scenery spreads and there is a peaceful atmosphere. However, even in the Hubei and Hubei areas where the population is stagnant, discussions and practices on regional revitalization are active. Shiga Prefecture is classified as the Kinki region, and although it has strong cultural and economic ties with Kyoto and Osaka, it also has active exchanges with the Chubu region. Included in both the "Kinki area" stipulated by the Kinki Area Development Law and the "Chubu area" stipulated by the Chubu Area Development and Development Law, the Governor of Shiga Prefecture attends both the Kinki Block Governor's Association and the Chubu Area Governor's Meeting (Fukui). The same applies to prefectures and Mie prefectures). In addition, we have established the "Japan Mannaka Republic" together with Fukui, Gifu, and Mie prefectures, and are engaged in governor summits and cultural exchange projects. At the Aichi Expo, we jointly exhibited "Chubu Centrair Symbiosis Village" with the eight prefectures of Chubu. The northern part is the intersection of Kinki, Chukyo, and Hokuriku, and plans to set up factories and distribution centers are underway. The weather forecast for the three Tokai prefectures produced by NHK Nagoya Broadcasting Station always displays the forecast for Shiga prefecture. Also, in the final weather forecast of "Mega TON News TODAY" that was once broadcast on TV Tokyo series and also broadcast on Biwako Broadcasting in Shiga, at least after October 1985, when reporting the weather in each place after the national weather forecast. It was reported in the "Shiga / Tokai region" category, and only the west of Kyoto and Nara prefectures were displayed in the next "Kinki / Setouchi region". Because of Lake Biwa, there is a high awareness of the environment of the citizens of the prefecture and the government, and because of the concentration of environment-related companies and human resources, it is one of the best in Japan.

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