Saigata Station


November 28, 2021

Saigata Station is a station of the East Japan Railway Company (JR East) and Hokuetsu Express, located in Saigata, Ogata-ku, Saigata City, Niigata Prefecture.

Boarding route

The Shin-Etsu Main Line of JR East and the Hokuhoku Line of Hokuetsu Express are connected to the station. The Hokuhoku Line ends at this station, but most trains run directly to Naoetsu Station via the Shin-Etsu Main Line.


May 13, 1897 (Meiji 30): Opened as a Hokuetsu Railway station. August 1, 1907 (Meiji 40): The Hokuetsu Railway is nationalized and becomes a station of the Imperial Railway Agency (National Railway). April 1, 1987: With the privatization of the JNR division, it becomes a station of JR East. March 22, 1997: Hokuhoku Express Hokuhoku Line Muikamachi Station-Saigata Station is fully opened and becomes a branch station. March 14, 2015: Due to the transfer of Naoetsu Station to Echigo Tokimeki Railway, the district management station was changed to Nagaoka Station.

Station structure

It is a ground station with a single platform 1 side 1 line and an island platform 1 side 2 lines, a total of 2 sides 3 lines, and both platforms are connected by an overpass. JR East manages the station, and JR East manages the station operations of Hokuetsu Express. It is a business consignment station entrusted by JR Niigata Business, and Nagaoka Station manages this station. The station building facing the north side of Line 1 is the oldest existing wooden station building in a railway station in Niigata prefecture. There is a green ticket office that doubles as a manned ticket gate (business hours 7: 10-17: 10, there are times when business is suspended on the way), automatic ticket vending machines (1 unit), vending machines, cash dispensers, toilets, etc. However, the ticket vending machines sell tickets for the Hokuhoku Line up to Muikamachi Station, and tickets for contact to the Joetsu Line beyond that station are only available at the counter.


(Source: JR East: Station yard map) The limited express "Hakutaka", which had been operating before the Hokuriku Shinkansen extended to Kanazawa Station, had an up train passing through line 3 and a down train passing through line 1, and was switched to the Hokuhoku line at Kubiki / Dosokohama. .


JR East-The average daily number of passengers in 2020 (Reiwa 2) is 621. In addition to the actual number of passengers, the number of passengers counted at this station includes the number of "passing personnel" who have passed (or vice versa) toward the Shin-Etsu Main Line by a direct train from the Hokuhoku Line. This is because this station is the boundary station between JR East and Hokuetsu Express, and all the passing personnel between the two companies are considered to have boarded and disembarked at this station, and the actual boarding personnel and passing personnel are added up. The number of users actually getting on and off at this station is less than this figure, and Joetsu City has set the number of users per day at this station to "about 550" in recent years. In addition, due to this relationship, the limited express "Hakutaka" for access to the Hokuriku area, which was via the Shin-Etsu Main Line and Hokuhoku Line west of this station, was available until FY2014 before the opening of the Hokuriku Shinkansen and after FY2015 after the opening. Since it was abolished, the number of passengers has decreased significantly. The changes since 2000 (Heisei 12) are as follows.

Around the station

The front of the station is the center of the Saigata district of Ogataku. It faces National Highway No. 8. National Highway No. 8 (Naoezu Bypass) Niigata Prefectural Road No. 129 Saigata Kakizaki Line Niigata Prefectural Road 468 Ogata Joetsu Line Niigata Prefectural Road No. 253 Urakawara Saigata Stop Line Saigata Post Office Daiichi Kogyo Seiyaku Ogata Factory National Hospital Organization Saigata Medical Center Naoetsu Electronics Industry INPEX Mega Solar Joetsu A solar power plant operated by Teishi International Oil Development. Former: Teishi Topping Plant Located at the Kubiki Refinery. Bourbon Ogata Factory

Bus route


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