December 7, 2021

Autumn is one of the four seasons and is located after summer and before winter. Autumn is in the second half of the Gregorian calendar in the Northern Hemisphere and in the first half of the year in the Southern Hemisphere. In countries where daylight saving time is implemented, daylight saving time will end and the hands of the clock will be returned by one hour. In the temperate regions of mid-latitude, broad-leaved trees drop their leaves and the grass withers, which is the season for winter. It is the time when grains such as rice and fruits grow, which means maturity. Such days occur from September to November of the following year, centering on October (however, depending on the year and region, they may occur in August and December), so this time is autumn. It falls within the range of.


Definitions in the Northern Hemisphere include: It is off by half a year in the Southern Hemisphere. September / October / November in social conventions and meteorology. From the fall to the day before the fall, the section cuts based on the 24 solar terms. The lunar calendar (Lunar calendar) is July, August, and September. October / November / December in the year. In English, these three months are called fall quarter (US) or autumn quarter (UK). Astronomically, from autumn to winter solstice. "Autumn equinox" and "winter solstice" here are not "autumn equinox day" and "winter solstice day", but the moment when the solar ecliptic reaches 180 degrees and 270 degrees. Traditionally in the West, it may be from the autumnal equinox to the day before the winter solstice. In the tropics it is called "summer all year round" and in the polar regions it is called "winter all year round", and it is sometimes said that there is no autumn. In regions where there is snow or freezing of the sea, the beginning may be the end of autumn. Autumn on the JR Group's special train operation is divided into two months, October and November, and September is divided into summer. Miaki The period from the beginning of autumn to the day before the white dew is also called Mengshu. Mid-Autumn The period from white dew to the day before cold dew. Late autumn The period from the cold dew to the day before the beginning of winter is also called the season autumn.

Autumn in Japan

In Japan, the heat of summer is soft and easy to spend. It's hot during the day, but I feel chilly in the morning and evening, and I feel refreshed by the breeze. The summer cicadas gradually squeak, and swarms of red dragonflies and the voices of insects catch their ears. After the summer vacation, the new semester begins, and there are athletic meet and school festival. Rice is colored golden, and various fruits such as chestnuts, pears, and grapes decorate the storefront. Typhoons often hit Japan, and autumn rains may continue for a long time, but the clear sky is high and clear, and it is also commonly referred to as "Autumn high in the sky". The nights get longer, and you can win prizes for the moon and stars, read books, and hang out in the night pan. As the morning and night get colder and colder, the temperature difference between day and night becomes larger, dew is placed on the grass in the field, and the trees turn red. As the colored leaves begin to fall, more layers are added, heating is on, and autumn is nearing the end.


Autumn is a lively season on par with spring. Various flowers bloom and fruits are produced. This is because it is not as hot as summer and it is a good temperature season, and perennial organisms often have to prepare for winter, and those who do not often have to end their life history. .. The air becomes more transparent towards late autumn, and the sun creates its own shadow.


The seven autumn herbs are famous as autumn flowers. Chrysanthemums are a typical horticultural plant, and cluster amaryllis, cosmos, and awns are known as representative flowers of autumn in wildflowers. It is also eye-catching that the fruits are produced. Preparations for winter include the formation of fallen leaves and the autumn leaves that precede them, winter buds, dormant buds, bulbs, and rhizomes.


For mammals, prepare for winter in autumn

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