Chichibu's Three Great Ice Pillars


May 21, 2022

Chichibu's Three Great Icicles are a general term for icicles in the Chichibu region of Saitama Prefecture. Taking advantage of the harsh winter cold of the Chichibu region, the rock surface and icicles of trees are opened to tourists every year.


There are three famous spots for icicles in the Chichibu region, and tours such as icicle tours are also held. There are also natural icicles created by spring water and icicles created by artificial watering, and each icicle has a different look. It is lit up at night and is a tourist spot on Chichibu Road in winter. The following are the icicles of each of the three major icicles in Chichibu. Thirty mallet icicles (around Otaki thirty mallet bridge in Chichibu city) --Natural ice pillars created by freezing Iwashimizu Hundred Views of Onouchi (Cold) Ice Pillars (Around Onouchi Valley, Ogano Town) --Artificial icicles that originate from Mt. Ryokami and are viewed from suspension bridges, etc. Ashigakubo Ice Pillar (Yokoze Town) --A large artificial ice pillar with a width of 125 meters or more created by the residents of Yokoze Town. . .


First half of 2000-Icicles of Mischief released Around 2010-Hundred views of Onouchi (cold) icicles open to the public January 18, 2014-Ashigakubo's ice pillars were unveiled and officially released, and the three major ice pillars of Chichibu are lined up.



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