Tachibana (Sumida Ward)


July 5, 2022

Tachibana is the name of a town in Sumida Ward, Tokyo. The current administrative place names are Tachibana 1-chome to Tachibana 6-chome. The postal code is 131-0043.


Located at the eastern end of Sumida Ward. Higashisumida in the north, Hirai in Edogawa-ku on the opposite bank across the Kyunaka River in the east, Kameido in Koto-ku in the south, and Bunka and Yahiro in the west. The eastern side of the town area is the Sumida Ward-Edogawa border with the Kyunaka River, and the southern side is the Sumida Ward-Koto Ward border with the Kitajukken River.

Land price

According to the official land price of 2017 (Heisei 29), the land price of the residential area is 304,000 yen / m2 at the point of Tachibana 5-17-13.


Origin of place name

Derived from "Ototachibanahime", which is related to Azuma Jinja. Oto Tachibana is a myth of Yamato Takeru's eastern conquest. When Takashi crossed from Sagami to Boso, he was hit by a storm and became a "sacrifice" to calm the sea and died in the sea. It is said that the beginning of "Goho Shrine" is the mound where the relics flowed and buried. It is said to mean (Azuma my wife).

Number of households and population

The number of households and population as of December 1, 2017 (Heisei 29) are as follows.

Elementary and junior high school districts

When attending a municipal elementary or junior high school, the school districts are as follows.



Tobu Railway Kamedo Line: Higashi Azuma Station


Roads / Bridges

Road prefectural road Tokyo Prefectural Road No. 306 Oji Senju Yumenoshima Line (Meiji Dori) Tokyo Metropolitan Road No. 476 Minamisagocho Gotamacho Line (Maruhachi-dori) Bridge Bridge over the Kyunaka River Nakahirai Bridge Hiraibashi A bridge over the Kitajukken River Fukujinbashi (Tokyo Metropolitan Road No. 306, Prince Senju Yumenoshima Line (Meiji-dori)) Shin-Obara Bridge (Tokyo Metropolitan Road No. 476 Minamisagocho Gotamacho Line (Maruhachi-dori))


Sumida Ward Tachibana Library (Tachibana 6-chome) Sumida Ward Tachibana Kindergarten (Tachibana 1-chome) Sumida Ward Tachibana Elementary School (Tachibana 1-chome) Sumida Ward Daiichi Goho Elementary School (Tachibana 1-chome) Sumida Ward Higashiazuma Elementary School (Tachibana 4-chome) Nakagawa Elementary School, Sumida Ward (Tachibana 5-chome) Sumida Ward Tachibana Junior High School (Tachibana 4-chome) Sumida Ward Goho Daiichi Junior High School (Tachibana 5-chome) Tokyo Metropolitan Mukaishima Technical High School (Tachibana 4-chome) Higashi Azuma Park Goho Shrine (1-chome Ichibanchi)-# Refer to the origin of the place name Tachibana Taisho Minkaen Former Koyama Family Residence


Yuka Koide Kohnosuke Sakazaki

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