August 8, 2022

Competition (Kyogi, English: competition competition) is to compete for superiority and inferiority according to certain rules. In Japanese, the English katakana expression ``competition'' is also used, and the abbreviated form ``konpe'' is often used in daily life.


A competition is a competition to determine the superiority or inferiority of certain techniques under certain rules. The content of the competition is various, and there is no limit. For example, some technique, physical ability, etc. The Daijisen cites expressions such as ``track and field'' and ``abacus competition''. A person who competes in a competition is called an athlete. There are various ways of classifying sports. For example, there is a method of classifying into "individual sports" that compete for individual superiority and "team sports" that compete for superiority of groups. There is also a method of classifying indoor/outdoor competitions into ``indoor competitions'' and ``outdoor competitions''. There is also a method of classifying by the age of the athletes and classifying them into “youth competitions” and “senior competitions”. In addition, in literature in the field of play and recreation, it is also explained as ``a game in which the superiority of skills is competed.'' In many cases, the atmosphere of such competitions is far from 'play'.


A meeting or gathering for competitions is called a competition. People who like foreign words say "Konpe". A competition may be planned by some organizer, in which case the schedule is decided in advance, the participants (competitors, referees, administrators, etc.) are notified in advance, and people gather on the scheduled date. If the scale is large or if there are many sports events, it is also called a 'competition', 'tournament', or 'championship tournament'. Many are certified by associations and competition management organizations in the field. If you violate the rules ( foul act), you may be judged as "disqualified" or "exited", and may be suspended from participating in the competition thereafter. It may be classified into "final round" and "preliminaries (preliminaries)" (competitions to select participants for the final round). Competitions (tournaments) can also be classified as follows according to the size of the area. A world tournament held on a global scale (World Championships) Competitions held in specific regions and cultures (regional competitions, regional competitions, regional championships, European Championships, Asian Championships, Asian Games, East Asian Games, Portuguese-speaking competitions, etc.) Tournaments that are held only in one country (U.S. tournament, German tournament, Russian tournament, Japan tournament, etc. Also called Japanese championship, ``domestic championship'', ``national championship'', etc.) If a competition held in a specific region within a country and called a "regional tournament" in that country is canceled for some reason, the athletes/teams that were scheduled to participate and the region that was selected as the venue The size of the competition will be reduced from the planned competition for the purpose of relieving the competition, deciding the athletes and teams to participate in higher-ranking competitions, and utilizing facilities that have been newly built, expanded, or renovated for the scheduled competitions. In some cases, an “alternative tournament” may be held. Depending on the competition, the number of players and teams that can participate in the competition is allocated to each region based on the population and the results of past competitions, and this is also called "participation quota". In this case, we will reduce the number of regions with marked population decline and poor performance, and other regions.