Cell Biology


May 21, 2022

Cell biology (English: cell biology) is a field of biology that focuses on cells. All living things are made up of cells, and cell biology is the basis of biology.


Classically called cytology, it was a discipline that mainly described the intracellular structure. In recent years, he has introduced molecular biology and biochemical methods, and has joined the ranks of modern biology under the name of cell biology. In the tradition from the time when it was called cytology, morphological analysis using an electron microscope and various optical microscopes occupies an important area, and there is often a research tendency to understand cells from the structural level. It is closely related to fields such as molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics, physiology, and anatomy, and the clear research field barrier between them is disappearing, but the focus is on cell-level research. It is characteristic that it is. Alternatively, in modern biology, the idea of ​​setting a boundary between a method-centered academic system (biochemistry, molecular biology, etc.) and a research target-centered one (cell biology) is used. It's almost meaningless. In addition, it has become clear that phenomena that have been conventionally dealt with in cell biology, such as unequal division and cell polarity, play an important role in development, and are closely related to developmental biology.

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