May 19, 2022

English (Eigo, English: English pronunciation: ['ɪŋɡlɪʃ] English, Luo: anglica) belongs to the West Germanic, Anglo-Frisian, Indo-European Germanic languages, and originated in the English and English regions. It is a language to do.

The name "English"

"English" in "English" is derived from the English Chinese character notation "Eijiri". On the other hand, English, which means English in English itself, is an adjective form of England, which means "English". There are similar abbreviations such as "French", "German", and "Western", but in modern Japan, the names such as "French", "German", and "Spanish" are widespread. On the other hand, English used to be called "English Giri", but it has already disappeared and only the name "English" has become widespread. English is widely used in the former colonies of the British Empire as an official language or equivalent even after independence. Among them, the United States has become a major power in terms of population, economy, and military power, and English spoken in the United States is also called American.


English is usually written in Latin letters and uses the following 26 letters. Unlike many other European languages, diacritic marks are rarely used except for loanwords (and their transcriptions). In the past, cursive styles with a series of alphabets were the mainstream when handwriting, but nowadays, block styles are the mainstream from the viewpoint of readability, except when pursuing originality such as signatures. In English, many letters have multiple pronunciations. In addition, there is a large discrepancy between the spelling and the actual pronunciation, and there may be silent letters that are not pronounced, or one pronunciation may be written in multiple spellings.



Dialects and variants

English is a plural central language and there is no clear standard language. However, even in the United States, which was the earliest colonized in England, the time for language differentiation was short because it became an English-speaking country due to colonization from the beginning of the 17th century and the end of the 18th century to the end of the 19th century. The language is less disrupted due to the maintenance of such relationships, and there is no language differentiation that makes it impossible to communicate, and the language continues to be a united language. The English system is divided into American English and British English by colonization of the Americas, the American English system is divided into Canadian English and United States English, and the United States English is the origin of the colonized Philippine English. rice field. On the other hand, the United Kingdom has expanded its English-speaking world to various parts of the world through active colonization since the end of the 18th century. All are linked to the lineage of British English. On the other hand, in the English-speaking world, Pidgin English was established in various places for people who do not understand the language to communicate easily. Especially in the Caribbean region, a variety of Pidgin languages ​​were established among those brought by slave trade, and in the next generation, native speakers were acquired to improve grammar and vocabulary, and Jamaican Creole was used. Many English-based Creole languages ​​such as are established. This Creole language was brought to West Africa by freedmen, and English-speaking languages ​​such as Krio.