split (plant)


May 20, 2022

Dehiscence (English: Dehiscence) is a property commonly found in fruits, anthers, and sporangia, where the pericarp naturally splits along weak lines to release seeds and the like when ripe.

Type of dehiscence

There are various classifications, but some are in between. . . . Circumferential dehiscence Circumferential dehiscence splits horizontally and completely.

Dehiscence of anther

. .

Dehiscent fruit

The fruits of many plants are non-dehiscent and do not open, but dehiscent ones have various types of structures and release seeds.

Explosive dehiscence

Some dehiscent fruits have the property of using the contracting force of the fruit to fly the seeds far away. Examples include impatiens, sandbox tree, and squirting cucumber.

Dehiscence in agriculture

If the gene is easily dehiscenced, the yield of beans and the like will be poor, so a gene with resistance to dehiscence may be required.

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Abscission-Abscission from the body, such as leaf fall or fruit fall Flowering-Unfolds flowers like a dehiscence Elater-has the property of flying spores such as moss plants. Loment (en: Loment)-Separate each node of the fruit without dehiscence Schizocarp (en: schizocarp)-Multiple fruits