Sake Festival


January 18, 2022

The Sake Festival is a festival held every year on the second Saturday and Sunday of October, centered on Saijo Central Park and Saijo Sakagura Dori in Saijo Town, Higashi Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture. However, in 2012 (2012), the second Monday, which is Happy Monday of Sports Day, is the 8th, so it will be held on the first Saturday and Sunday of October, which will be a three-day holiday. October 6th and 7th, 2012 is the first Saturday and Sunday.) From 2013 (Heisei 25), it will be held again on the second Saturday and Sunday.


The Sake Festival is a festival that was developed in 1990 by symbolizing "Sake" with the members of the Chamber of Commerce at that time playing a central role in the festival "Minna no Matsuri" that was born in 1974. Since then, it has become a major event representing Saijo, a liquor city, as a festival that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, including people who cannot drink alcohol and their families, as well as those who like alcohol. A total of 200,000 people visit each year on both days. Saijo Central Park is the main venue. In addition, various events are held mainly at each sake brewery and Saijo Central Community Center.

Main event venues

Saijo Central Park (main venue) Sake open space (west side of Chuo Park) ... A venue where you can compare the drinks of brands from all over the country. It is necessary to purchase advance tickets or same-day tickets in advance for a fee. Izakaya open space for 5,000 people (Central Park Ground) ... This is the main venue for the event, and performances by Kagura and citizens are also held on the stage. In the 2000s, Kiyoshi Hikawa, Tatsuo Kamon and other big entertainers were invited as guests. In addition, local restaurants and companies will open. Saijo Sake Brewery Street (pedestrian paradise on the day) Sake brewing events (each brewing company)… Sake brewing companies along the road have unique events such as brewery tours, liquor tasting and sales, tasting and selling sake pots and udon noodles, and brewery concerts. Will be. Many visitors gather. In addition to brewing companies, residents and companies from other industries also open stalls along the road. KIZUNA venue (Kamotsuru No. 1 collection) ... Kagura, JAZZ concerts, etc. will be held, and public recordings and concerts will be held with the cooperation of Hiroshima FM. Higashi Hiroshima City Hall Parking Lot Bishu Nabe Venue ... You can enjoy Saijo's famous Bishu Nabe surrounded by 4 people per table. The time limit is 105 minutes and the time is separated, so a reservation is required. Even at the sake festival, there are many repeaters at the specialty corner. Exciting open space ... Events such as hero shows and arcades that even children who cannot drink alcohol can enjoy are held. There are also booths for the local professional sports team Hiroshima Toyo Carp and Sanfrecce Hiroshima. Higashi Hiroshima City Central Lifelong Learning Center (former: Central Public Hall) Cultural exchange venue ... A sake festival concert will be held in the large hall where local children and students will perform songs related to sake brewing, such as the opera "Shirokabe no Machi" and the suite "Saijo". In addition, an exhibition of children's works will be held in the lobby. Satake Headquarters Satake Venue: Satake rice milling technology and machinery will be exhibited, a flea market, GABA of Omusubi will be sold, and direct markets such as the Hoei and Fukutomi districts, flea markets, and food education events will be held.


The nearest station is Saijo Station on the JR West Sanyo Main Line. The main venue, Chuo Park, is a 5-minute walk, and Sake Brewery Street is in front of the station. A special train runs between Hiroshima and Saijo during the festival. The special train runs back at platform 3. In addition, security guards are also assigned to avoid congestion, and the lines for entry and exit at the ticket gates are separated. At the time of the temporary station building in 2012 and 2013

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