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November 28, 2021

A railway line is a section of a railway line laid between a starting point (starting point) and a destination (ending point). In a broad sense, the operating system on which trains operate and the section nicknamed are also called (railway) lines. Railway lines become a railway network for the first time by communicating with each other and forming a detour to form a mesh.


In a narrow sense, routes are defined by law as described below. However, actual trains are not always operated according to narrowly defined lines, and one line may be used by multiple operating systems, or one operating system may span multiple operating systems. For example, an operating system that involves multiple lines, such as the Keihin Tohoku Line, is also called a "line" in a broad sense. In addition, nicknames (line nicknames) are often given to sections that do not match narrowly defined lines, such as the JR Kyoto Line, which is a part of the Tokaido Main Line, and these are also called "lines." Some names, such as the Yamanote Line, are used for both routes and operating systems, and they do not match (see the beginning of the same item).

Japanese legal railway lines

Under Japanese law, one line is between the officially defined starting point and ending point, regardless of the train operating system. In Article 4 of the Railway Business Law (Law No. 92 of 1986), there is a "planned route" as an item to be stated in the application form submitted to the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism by a person who intends to obtain a railway business license. .. Article 3 of the Railway Business Law Enforcement Regulations (Ministry of Transport Ordinance No. 6 of 1987) cites "starting point and ending point" and "major transit points" as matters that must be stated for the above "planned routes". ing.

Name of Japanese railway line

The name of the line in the Japanese National Railways (JNR) era was based on the "national railway line name". After the JNR division and privatization, it is stipulated by the "railway name" set by each company. Similar provisions are made for private railways.

Classification of railway lines

Railway lines are classified as follows. Main line-branch line-(cecal line) Trunk Line-Local Traffic Line-Specified Local Line Business line --Planned line --Construction line --Unfinished line --Discontinued line system line (not a formal classification, but a line that is widely recognized by nickname. For details, see Railway line name # Line system name / nickname)

List of railway lines

List of railway lines in Japan (A-ka line-sa-na line-ha-wa line) List of railway lines by region in Japan Hokkaido railway line Tohoku railway line Railway lines in the Kanto region Railway lines in the Chubu region Kinki region railway line Railway lines in the Chugoku region Shikoku railway line Kyushu railway line List of abolished railway lines in Japan List of Korean railway lines List of British railway lines


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