Nagano Station


November 28, 2021

Nagano Station is a station of East Japan Passenger Railway (JR East), Shinano Railway, and Nagano Electric Railway (Nagano) located in Oaza Kurita and Minamichitose 1-chome, Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture. It is the central station of Nagano City, the prefectural capital of Nagano Prefecture, and is the largest terminal station in the prefecture. Altitude 361 m. The Hokuriku Shinkansen is the starting and ending point of "Asama", and all "Kagayaki" and "Hakutaka" trains stop. The administrative code for JR Nagano Station is ▲ 511114.

Boarding route

JR East's Hokuriku Shinkansen and Shin-Etsu Main Line, Shinano Railway's Hokuriku Shinano Line, and Nagano Electric Railway's Nagano Line are on board. "N1" is given as a station number to the station of Nagano Electric Railway. The Shin-Etsu Main Line ends at this station in Nagano Prefecture, and the Kita Shinano Line and Nagano Line start at this station. As for conventional lines, in addition to the Shin-Etsu Main Line and Kita Shinano Line, JR East's Iiyama Line trains starting from Toyono Station are via the Kita Shinano Line, and JR East's Shinonoi Line ending at Shinonoi Station. , And the Shinano Railway Shinano Railway Line, which also ends at Shinonoi Station, is on board via the Shin-Etsu Main Line. Both lines of Shinano Railway were originally part of the Shin-Etsu Main Line, and this station was an intermediate station on the Shin-Etsu Main Line. Due to the management separation of parallel conventional lines due to the opening of the Hokuriku Shinkansen, the section of the Shinano Railway line was transferred on October 1, 1997, and then the section of the Kita Shinano line was transferred due to the extension opening on March 14, 2015. It became the current form. Nagano Station is also the terminal station of the Shinonoi Line. For long-distance transportation, the limited express "Shinano" that connects this station to Nagoya Station, the rapid "Misuzu" that connects to Iida Station on the Iida Line via Okaya Station, and Minami-Otari Station on the Oito Line. There is a temporary rapid "Resort View Furusato".


1888 (Meiji 21) May 1: National Railway Sekiyama Station-Nagano Station opens with the opening of this station. August 15: National Railways This station-with the opening of the Ueda station, it will be a station on the way. May 1902 (Meiji 35): Reconstructed into a two-story wooden station building. October 12, 1909 (Meiji 42): Due to the establishment of the national railway line name, the section between Takasaki Station-this station-Niigata Station is named Shin-Etsu Line. 1914 (Taisho 3) June 1: Shin-Etsu Line Takasaki Station-this station-Niigata Station is renamed to Shin-Etsu Main Line. 1920 (Taisho 9) August 1: Shin-Etsu Main Line Kawanakajima Station-Nagano Station is double tracked. June 24, 1928: Nagano Electric Railway Nagano Line This station-Nagano Electric Railway's Nagano Station opens with the opening on the ground between Gondo Station. May 10, 1935 (Showa 10): Station building renovation work started (groundbreaking ceremony on August 1, 1935). March 10, 1936: Completed the Buddhist temple type station building. In addition, the statue of Princess Nyosei moved from the precincts of Zenkoji Temple (completion ceremony on the 15th of the same month). November 1940: The copper-roofed roof of a Buddhist temple-type station building is offered due to a lack of metal due to the war. February 27, 1944: Due to lack of metal, the statue of Princess Nyosei is also offered with the pedestal left. October 1, 1948: The statue of Princess Nyosei is rebuilt. June 1, 1949 (Showa 24): With the enforcement of the Japanese National Railways Law, it was inherited by the Japanese National Railways (JNR). June 21, 1963: Shin-Etsu Main Line Karuizawa Station-This station is electrified (DC 1,500V). October 1, 1965 (Showa 40): Midori no Madoguchi is set up. August 24, 1966: Shin-Etsu Main Line This station-Naoetsu station is electrified (DC 1,500V). 1968 (Showa 43) February 8: Started the first land readjustment project around Nagano Station on the Zenkoji exit side. October 1: Abolished the handling of freight handled by cars except for leased line departures and arrivals at JNR Station, and transferred to Kitanagano Station. 1970 (Showa 45) December 25: Travel center opened. September 28, 1973: Shin-Etsu Line.

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