Chen Shizhong


May 20, 2022

Chen Shih-chung (December 27, 1953) is a dentist from Taipei City, Taiwan, and a politician of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP). He has been the current director of the Ministry of Health and Welfare of the Republic of China (equivalent to the Minister of Health) since 2017, but he has never served as a legislative committee member or a central executive officer of the party, and has been appointed as a civilian minister.


When I was a student

When he was enrolled in Taipei City Meiden National School (predecessor of Taipei City Meiden National Elementary School), he was ranked 9th in the city in the common test of Bopomofo even though he was in Taiwanese at home due to the influence of his father. He was excellent in academics, including Japanese. He entered the first central part of Taipei Municipal Datong High School in 1966 and graduated in 1968. During his time in Taipei City's founding high-class junior high school, he had a memory of remembering the numbers he saw once in a contract bridge play with his enthusiastic friends. He graduated in 1971 and studied at Taipei Medical University (predecessor of Taipei Medical University) Fang Medicine (equivalent to the Faculty of Dentistry) from 1971 to 1977. At university, he didn't attend classes very often and wasn't very good at grades, but later he wrote a graduation congratulatory message to his juniors at his alma mater. There is. "


After graduating in 1977, he worked as a medical officer in the Army artillery corps, and after retiring he opened a dental clinic at the Zhongzheng District Public Hall. His classmates and teachers became patients. A high school classmate who underwent a timely treatment in 1985 testified that the bridge used for treatment at that time remained in good condition 31 years later. He served as the 9th and 10th Deputy Deputy (1987-1990) and the 12th Deputy Director (1993-95) at the Taipei City Dental Association (Middle: Taipei City Fangshi Kokai).

Commitment to infectious diseases

Taking the opportunity of a dentist who had been infected with AIDS in Florida, USA, to infect a female patient, Kimberly Burgalis, he solicited contributions from his peers to prevent in-hospital infection, and became the chairman of the Taipei City Fang Medical Association. Issued ("Infection Control in Dentistry", "Clinical Fang Science Infection ISBN 9579713502", etc.), and the latter received the 1996 Kim Ding Award (Document Group Award). In the 1980s and 1990s, when the AIDS epidemic began to be confirmed in Taiwan, AIDS patients were not able to receive dental treatment at the National Taiwan University Clinic (Taidai Clinic) Fang Department (Dental), so patients who were sometimes repelled from the ward. I accepted the medical examination and made a characteristic chart of the oral cavity of an AIDS patient. He was asymptomatic during the window period (the blank period from infection to detection by testing) and was apparently indistinguishable from the affected person. Thanks to the achievements of the time, it became possible to see AIDS patients at the Taipei City Union Clinic. When he published this anecdote in 2021, CDC Deputy Director Raichika, who continues to care for AIDS-infected people and their families and is also a public relations officer, said, "Young people who did not succumb to strong resistance in the industry and were in tune with it. As the chairman of the Dentist Association, he worked with doctors to improve measures against infectious diseases in dentistry. " In addition, he was enthusiastic about activities to raise awareness of the prevention of infectious diseases from the oral cavity, and started the concept of oral health education in 1989. From 1992, he toured elementary schools around the world to spread correct tooth brushing.

National Dental Association

In the dentist world, there are academic groups such as Chung Shan Medical University and National Taiwan University, and it was sometimes regarded as a minority "Northern Medical School". However, the "Northern Medical School" has the heavyweight Hong Kisho, who belongs to the New Tide Faction within the Democratic Party, and Lee.