January 18, 2022

Reigen is a phenomenon in the science of happiness, a religious group, that calls a spirit in the world and is said to have been spoken by a psychic. According to the group, in addition to the "spiritual words" that speak down the words of the spirits that exist in that world (heaven and hell), the "guardian spiritual words" that bring down the guardian spirits of people who are currently alive. , There is "alien reading" that talks about alien consciousness, and the content that is told as a spirit guide is wide-ranging such as current affairs and life philosophy.


Spirituality has been practiced from the very beginning in the science of happiness. Ryuho Okawa, the founder of the science of happiness, opened a "spiritual path" with the Buddhist monk Nikko and Nichiren on March 23, 1981, before graduating from university, and then Kukai, Jesus Christ, and Heaven. It is said that the early spiritual collection of the science of happiness was completed by collecting the contents communicated with the Lord of the Lord. From 1985, he started publishing with his father, Saburo Yoshikawa, under the name of "Ryuho Okawa", organized the "spiritual words" recorded in the four years since 1981, and organized his first book "Nichiren Saint's Spiritual Words" (good). Published by Saburo Kawasaburo, Shiobunsha). After that, he published books such as "Kukai's Spirit", "Christ's Spirit", "Amaterasu's Spirit", "Socrates' Spirit", and "Sakamoto Ryoma's Spirit". Until the early 1990s, he published dozens of books every year, and the "Reigenshu", which occupied most of them, contributed to the growth of the cult as a means of missionary work. However, in 1994, the early spiritual words were organized and sealed as "upaya" for the purpose of "proof of the spirit world", and the scriptures were reorganized. However, from time to time, the spiritual remarks of Saburo Yoshikawa, Tamio Kageyama, Emperor Showa, Konosuke Matsushita, Moto Nakamura and others, as well as an interview with the president of Asahi Shimbun, Shinichi Hakoshima, were announced. In the latter half of the 2000s, the publication of "spiritual words" and "interviews with guardian spirits" was revived as a guideline for policies and decision-making along with the political advancement through the Happiness Realization Party. In 2010, a new "Public Spiritual Words" series was published (a change from the conventional "Guardian Spirit Interview"). After that, the publication of spiritual words continued, and as of 2022, the number of published spiritual words exceeds 1000.

Reasons for doing spiritual words

It is said that the reason why Ryuho Okawa often speaks spiritually is to prove that "there is an afterlife, and human beings exist as spirits with individuality after death." According to the science of happiness, the spirit world has a multi-dimensional hierarchy from heaven to hell, and the world of tengu, hermits, and youkai, which is said to be behind the scenes. It is said that he will go to the world according to his feelings. The spiritual testimony so far is also a collection of testimonies from the spirit world, "I want to convey that there is another world." According to the explanation of the science of happiness, spiritual words play an important role in the mission of the science of happiness, but they are "not a doctrine."


According to the science of happiness, the "spiritual words" of the east and west are "spirit mediums" that can put spirits into the body, "guru" who have the ability to call spirits, "gods" who can see the true identity of spirits, and It is said that a physically and spiritually arranged "sacred area" is required to bring down the god. However, in the science of happiness, the medium is in a trance state like the well-known Itako of Aomori / Osorezan and Utah of Okinawa, and speaks words in the form of being hijacked by spirits. Unlike "Phenomenon", Takanori Okawa's consciousness remains clear, and he can also serve as a "master," "medium," and "god god."

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