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July 5, 2022

Komakurabe Koumaki (Komakurabe, Gyokou, Emaki; hereinafter referred to as "Komakurabe") is "Eiga Monogatari" Vol. 23 "Komakurabe no Yukiyuki" (hereinafter referred to as "Komakurabe"). ) Is a picture scroll of the first half. It is said to have been produced from the latter half of the 13th century to the beginning of the 14th century (#painter and orderer). The complete book does not exist, and one volume each of zero books (partially left) (hereinafter referred to as Shizukado book and Kuboso book) is divided into the Seikado Bunko Museum and the Kuboso Memorial Museum in Izumi City. It is stored and both are designated as important cultural properties. Both are considered to be the same volume divided from the style of painting and the content of the story. In addition to that, there are two volumes of Akimoto, including a part that does not exist in Seikado / Kubo Soumoto and "Kanou" in the latter half of the Edo period. Book).

Synopsis of "Komakurabe"

The events from September to December 1024 (the first year of Manju) are described. On September 19, a piece race (horse racing) will be held at "Kaya-no-in" in Kampaku Fujiwara no Michinichi. His mother, after Emperor Ichijo, and Tomiya (the younger brother of Emperor Go-Ichijo, later Emperor Go-Suzaku) were enlightened. The next day, the 20th, a post-banquet was held and waka poems were sung. In October, Takeko Nakamiya (the fourth daughter of Michinaga, the younger sister of Yorimichi, and after Emperor Go-Ichijo) held a memorial service for the Tahoto. In November, Michinaga visited Hase-dera Temple.

Existing location of piece competition

The existing paintings of Shizukadomoto and Kubo Soumoto are up to Yukihiro Nakamiya (#Shizukadomoto) on the night of September 14, Yukihiro Higashimiya on the 19th, and boating with the nobleman who gathered at the sleeping hall (#Kubosomoto). Of the synopses mentioned in, the pictures after the piece competition do not exist (# Kubosomoto). The head of the Seikado book is burnt out, which is probably why the color is shrugged. On the other hand, Kuboso Soumoto keeps vivid colors, and the use of expensive pigments can be seen. The lyric book (words) is Kuboso Soumoto's "Nineteenth day of the story month, Komakura sashimi ... There are only 33 lines, and there is no lyrics in the Seikado book.

Scene explanation

Seikado Bunko

Draw a memorial service of Akiko Omiya (Fig. 2.). On the night of September 14, a car of ox carts stopped in front of the gate of Kaya-no-in, and there was a servant with a torch. When you pass through the gate, you, your soul, and your servants will refrain from doing so. Behind it is the heavy central gate of the cypress bark, and there are even more people inside. Then, crossing the bridge in the garden, a gorgeous green litter with a small Aoi pattern in black on which Omiya was placed was carried by about 30 servants wearing vermilion coats, and the floor on the south side of the Shinden-zukuri. I'm about to arrive at (Kizahashi). At the end of the floor, there is a slatted board, which covers both sides with folding screens, and beyond that, the room is hidden by a slatted screen.

Kuboso Soumoto

Following the Seikado book, I will draw Yukihiro Tomiya, the Shinden-zukuri and the garden, and the nobles around 10 am on September 19. After the poem, the street in front of the gate is crowded with nobles. There is a white-green silk fabric, and an ox cart (Tang dynasty car) with the treasure souvenir pattern scattered on the wheels and the sword, and 10 pullers support the sword. There is a person with a black lacquer ware in the back, and you can see that Tomiya has just got off. Large golden cows are released from the yoke (see Figure 4). Two white ox carts (areca nuts) woven with betel nut are lined up along the fence (see Fig. 3), but the difference in official position can be seen when compared to that of Tomiya. After passing through the gate, Tomiya, who called Huangtan, gives his hem to a fat lord and goes on a straw mat. Zuijin threatens the family who has slipped into the mansion with a bow and tries to drive them out. East.