January 14


January 18, 2022

January 14 (Ichigatsujuyoka, Ichigatsujuyonnichi) is the 14th day from the beginning of the year in the Gregorian calendar, and there are 351 days left until the end of the year (352 days in leap years).


1526-Italian War: Holy Roman Emperor Charles V and the captive Francis I of France conclude the Treaty of Madrid. 1724-King Philip V of Spain takes over. He was reinstated during the same year due to the illness of his successor, Louis I. 1814-The Treaty of Kiel is signed between Sweden and Denmark. 1858-An attempted assassination of Napoleon III with Felice Orsini as the principal. 1874-Iwakura Tomomi is attacked by the complainers in Akasaka, Tokyo (Kuichigai Incident). 1881 --Reorganized the Metropolitan Police Department of the Ministry of Interior and reestablished the Metropolitan Police Department in Tokyo 1900-Giacomo Puccini's opera "Tosca" premieres in Rome. 1903-Otani Expedition led by Mitsuru Otani discovers Vulture Peak, where Buddha lived, in the suburbs of Rajgir, Bihar, India. 1914 --Sawayanagi Incident: At Kyoto Imperial University, all professors at the Law University submit their resignations in opposition to the personnel affairs of President Masataro Sawayanagi. 1919-At the League of Nations Committee of the Paris Peace Conference, the Japanese plenipotentiary of the Empire of Japan began negotiations with each country to establish a proposal to eliminate racial discrimination. 1939-Norway declares territory of Queen Maud Land in Antarctica. 1940-Nobuyuki Abe Cabinet resigns. 1943-Casablanca Conference is held. Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill confirm cooperation on the European front and demand for unconditional surrender to the Axis powers. 1950-MiG-17 makes its maiden flight. 1954-American Motors is founded by the merger of Nash and Hudson. 1959-The survival of the Karafuto dogs Taro and Jiro, who have been left behind for a year in the Antarctic continent, is confirmed. 1963-The division of the prestigious theater company Bungakuza surfaced. A member of a mid-sized theater company withdrew as a coup d'etat and formed the theater company Kumo. 1967-Human Be-In begins in San Francisco. 1969-The Zuni rocket on board the US Navy's aircraft carrier "Enterprise" explodes, killing 27 people. 1970-The third Eisaku Sato Cabinet is established. 1972-Margrethe II is crowned Queen of Denmark. 1978-An earthquake with a magnitude of 7.0 near Izu Oshima occurred. 25 dead. 1978-Johnny Rotten, a member of the Rock Band Sex Pistols, leaves the band. It will be a virtual dissolution. 1980-Indira Gandhi becomes the 8th Prime Minister of India. 2004-The flag of the Kingdom of Georgia revives as the flag of Georgia for the first time in 500 years. 2005 --The small spacecraft "Huygens Probe" separated from the Saturn probe "Cassini" of the European Space Agency rushes into Saturn's moon Titan and lands on its surface. 2009-Chuo University professor stabbed. 2009 --Prince of Monaco, Prince Albert II, the first head of state to reach the South Pole, reaches the South Pole for the first time and conquers both poles of the earth. 2011-Jasmine Revolution: Tunisia's President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali escapes to Saudi Arabia. 2020-Windows 7 support ends in all editions (paid support will continue until 2023)


38 BC-Nero Claudius Drusus, military commander of the Roman Empire, younger brother of the second emperor Tiberius (+ 9 BC) 1272 (December 12, 8th year of Bun'ei) --Sadatoki Hojo, 9th authority of the Kamakura Shogunate (+ 1311) 1702 (Genroku 14 years 12)

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