May 21, 2022

1019 (1019) is a normal year according to the Christian era (Julian calendar).

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Zodiac: Yin Earth Goat Japan Kannin 3 years Imperial Year 1679 China Northern Song: Tenroku 3rd year Ryo: 8th year of Kaitai Dali Kingdom: Meikei 10 years Korea Vietnam Ly Dynasty: Suncheon 10 years Buddhist calendar: Jewish calendar:


Calendar of 1019 (Julian calendar)


Fujiwara no Yorimichi becomes Kampaku Toi invasion


Abe no Sadato, military commander of the Heian period (+1062) Sima Guang, Northern Song Confucian scholar, historian, politician (+ 1086) Zeng Gong, Northern Song Prose (+ 1083) Sanemasa Fujiwara, Lord of the Heian period (+1093) Fujiwara no Toshiya, Heian period lord, poet (+1082) Munjong, 11th King of Goryeo (+ 1083) Chang Liu, Northern Song scholar, historian, politician, literary person (+1068)


January 25 (December 17, 2nd year of Kannin) --Atsuyasu-shin, the imperial family of the Heian period (* 999) January 25 (December 17, 2nd year of Kannin) --Taira no Tadayori, military commander of the Heian period (* 930?) May 14 (April 7, 3rd year of Kannin) --Tadashi Fujiwara, military commander of the Heian period (* year of birth unknown) June 4 (April 28, 3rd year of Kannin) --Yoshimasa Abe, Onmyoji of the Heian period, School of Naturalists (* 955?) October 3 (September 3, 3rd year of Kannin) --Keien, a priest of the Tendai sect during the Heian period, Tendai-zasu (* 944) Minamoto no Michinaga, a government official from the Heian period, a poet, and one of the thirty-six elders used (* year of birth unknown)

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