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1227 (1227) is a normal year according to the Christian era (Julian calendar).

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Zodiac: Yin Fire Pig Japan Karoku 3 years 1887 China Southern Song Dynasty: Baoqing 3rd year Fri: 4th year of Seidai Eastern Xia: 4th year of Daido Around China Western Xia *: Hogi 2nd year (until the old June) Mongol Empire *: Genghis Khan 22 years Korea Goryeo: Gojong 14 years Dangun 3560 Vietnam Tran Dynasty: 3 years in construction Buddhist calendar: 1769-1770 Islamic calendar: 624-625 Jewish calendar: 4987-4988


1227 calendar (Julian calendar)


March 19-Gregory IX becomes Pope. November 24-Leszek the White, Grand Duke of Poland, is assassinated in the Council of Liubech. Genghis Khan dies during the Western Xia expedition. Western Xia is destroyed. The back of Ouchi in Heiankyo was burnt down.


January 17 (December 28, 2nd year of Karoku) --Non-resident, Kamakura period monk (+ 1312) April 22 (March 5th, 3rd year of Karoku) --Hojo, a priest of the Shingon sect of the Kamakura period (+1284) May 7 (March 20th, 3rd year of Karoku) --Kyogoku Tamenori, Kamakura period lord, poet (+1279) June 29 (May 14, Karoku 3) --Tokiyori Hojo, 5th Kamakura Shogunate (+ 1263) September 30-Pope Nicholas IV, 191st Pope of Rome (+ 1292) William II, Count of Holland, King of Germany (+1256) Charles I, King of Sicily, King of Naples (+1285) Masayori Date, a military commander of the Kamakura period, the 4th head of the Date clan (+1301) Hirotsuna Yuki, a military commander of the Kamakura period, the third head of the Yuki clan (+1278)


February 17 (January 30, Karoku 3) --Kugyo of Tokudaiji, Heian period, Kamakura period (* 1175) April 3 (March 16, Karoku 3) --Tendai sect monk in the loyalty, Heian period, and Kamakura period (* 1162) April 25 (March 8th, 3rd year of Karoku) --Shunjo, Heian period, Kamakura period monk (* 1166) July 22 (June 8, 3rd year of Karoku) --Takashi, a monk from the Kamakura period (* year of birth unknown) August 1 (June 18, 1st year of Antei) --Tadahisa Shimazu, military commander of the Heian period, Kamakura period, gokenin (* year of birth unknown) August 1 (June 18, Karoku 3) --Tokimi Hojo, military commander of the Kamakura period (* 1212) August 25-Genghis Khan, the first emperor of the Mongol Empire (* 1162) September 11-Louis IV, Landgrave of Thuringen, Count Palatine of Saxony (* 1200) October 13 (September 2, Karoku 3) --Minamoto no Michigu, Heian period, Kamakura period poet (* 1171) November 24-Leszek I, Duke of Krakhu, Duke of Sandomierz, Duke of Masovia, Duke of Kuyavia (* 1186?) December 13 (November 4, Karoku 3) --Awa no Tsubone, wife of Ano Zenjo, nanny of Minamoto no Sanetomo (* year of birth unknown) Qiu Chuji, Quanzhen School (* 1148) Suleyman Shah, grandfather of Osman I, the founder of the Ottoman Empire (* year of birth unknown) Demetrius di Montferrato, 2nd King Thessaloniki (* 1205) Emperor Mo of Western Xia, the 10th emperor (* year of birth unknown)


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