July 5, 2022

1281 (1281) is a normal year according to the Christian era (Julian calendar).

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Zodiac: Yin Metal Snake Japan Koan 4th year Imperial Year 1941 China Original: 18 years old Chen Suspension Eye: Masayasu 1st Year Old Leap August-Old November Korea Goryeo: 7 years of Chungnyeol Dangun 3614 Vietnam Tran Dynasty: Shoho 3rd year Buddhist calendar: 1823-1824 Islamic calendar: 679-680 Jewish calendar: 5041-5042


1281 calendar (Julian calendar)


August: A former fleet led by Kublai Khan attacks Japan following October 1274, but is destroyed by a large typhoon. (Battle of Koan)


September 1 (Koan 4th year leap July 17th)-Enkan, Kamakura period, Nanbokucho period Tendai sect monk (+1356) Imadegawa Kanesue, Kamakura period, Muromachi period lord, first-ranked Daijo-daijin (+1339) Öljaitü, the 8th prince of the Ilkhanate (+ 1316) Kaishan, the 7th emperor of the Mongol Empire (+ 1311) Dosho, Kamakura period, Tendai sect monk, singer (+1356) Rudolf I, King Bohemia, Duchy of Austria (+1307)


April 28 (April 9, 4th year of Koan) --Hanayamain's successor, Kamakura period lord, Dainagon of the second rank (* 1222) June 24 (June 7, Koan 4) --Nikaido Yukitsuna, Gokenin of the Kamakura period (* 1216) July 16 (June 29, 4th year of Koan) --Shugodai Iki during the Kamakura period (* 1222) August 28 (Koan 4th year leap July 13) --Shoni Sukeyoshi, Gokenin of the Kamakura period (* 1198) September 23 (August 9, 4th year of Koan) --Munemasa Hojo, Kamakura Shogunate appraisal (* 1253) Chabi, Empress of Kublai Khan, the founder of the Mongol Empire (* year of birth unknown)



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