May 21, 2022

1607 (1607) is a normal year starting on Monday according to the Christian era (Gregorian calendar).

Other calendars

Zodiac: Yin Fire Goat Japan Keicho 12 years 2267 imperial year China Ming: 35 years of the Wanli era Korea Joseon: 40 years of King Seonjo Dangun 3940 Vietnam Later Le Dynasty: Kosada 8 years Mr. Takahira: 15 years of Inui Buddhist calendar: 2149-2150 Islamic calendar: September 2, 1015 --- 1016 Jewish calendar: April 2, 5367 --5368 Julian calendar: December 22, 1606-December 21, 1607



Britain establishes the Virginia Colony in North America. (The capital is Jamestown) "Geometric original" is completed. Matteo Ricci translated the first half of Euclid's Elements and wrote it by Xu Guangqi.


The first Joseon Tongsinsa came to Japan in the Edo period. June 18 (April 24, 12th year of Keicho) --Entering Edo. June 29 (May 6, 2012) --Climb to Edo Castle and listen to Ieyasu Tokugawa. Ieyasu Tokugawa banned the manufacture and use of guns. Hidetada Tokugawa promulgated the world's first smoking cessation order.


March 24-Michiel de Ruytel, Admiral of the Dutch Navy (+1676) November 23 (October 4, 2012) --Kazuko Tokugawa (Tofukumonin), Emperor Gomizuo's Chugū (+1678) November 25 (October 6, 2012) --Naonobu Kano, a painter of the Kano school. Kano Tanyu's younger brother (+1650) Pierre de Fermat, French mathematician (+ 1665)


June 2 (April 8th, 12th year of Keicho) --Hideyasu Yuki, military commander, daimyo. The first feudal lord of the Kitanosho feudal clan (Fukui feudal clan) in Echizen Province (* 1574) June 30-Caesar Baronius, Cardinal of Italy, Historian (* 1538)

Fiction events

Back palace novel-In the 34th year of the belly, the 17th emperor of the dry country died suddenly.


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