May 20, 2022

1688 (1688) is a leap year starting on Thursday according to the Christian era (Gregorian calendar).

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Zodiac: Yang Earth Dragon Japan 5 years of Jokyo, September 30, 1st year of Genroku- 2348 imperial year China Qing: Kangxi 27 years Korea Joseon: Sukjong 14 years Dangun 4021 Vietnam Later Le Dynasty: Masakazu 9 years Buddhist calendar: 2230-2231 Islamic calendar: 1099-1100 Jewish calendar: 5448-5449 Julian calendar: December 22, 1687-December 21, 1688



September-The Nine Years' War begins. (-1697) October 23 (September 30, 5th year of Jokyo) --Japan changed to the first year of Genroku Date unknown-Shibanuma Soy Sauce was founded.


January 29-Emanuel Swedenborg, scientist, politician, mystical thinker (+1772) February 23-Ulrika Eleonora, Queen of Sweden (+ 1741) May 21-Alexander Pope, Poet (+1744) June 10-James Francis Edward Stuart, King of Jacobites (+ 1766) July 19-Giuseppe Castiglione, Missionary (+1766) August 15-Frederick Wilhelm I, King Prussian (+1740) October 19-William Cheselden, Surgeon and Anatomist (+ 1752) Unknown date-Ryokin Oishi, Ronin Ako (+1703)


January 27 (December 25, 4th year of Jokyo) --Yukitaka Okabe, the second feudal lord of the Izumi Kishiwada domain (* 1617) January 28-Ferdinand Verbiest, Jesuit missionary (* 1623) February 17 (January 16, 5th year of Jokyo) --Nobutoshi Sanada, lord of the Numata feudal clan of Kozuke (* 1635) May 9-Frederick Wilhelm Elector, Margraviate of Brandenburg, Duchy of Prussia (* 1620) June 5-Constantine Phaulkon, senior government official of the Ayutthaya dynasty (* 1650) July 11-King Narai, the 30th king of the Ayutthaya dynasty (* year of birth unknown)


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