July 5, 2022

1757 (1757) is a normal year starting on Saturday according to the Western calendar (Gregorian calendar).

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Zodiac: Yin Fire Ox Japan Horeki 7 years Imperial year 2417 China Qing: Qianlong 22 years Korea Mr. Lee Chosun: 33 years of King Yeongjo Dangun 4090 Vietnam Later Le Dynasty: Kageko 18 years Buddhist calendar: 2299-2300 Islamic calendar: 1170-1171 Jewish calendar: 5517-5518 Julian calendar: December 21, 1756-December 20, 1757



January 21-French and Indian War: Battle on Snowshoes. June 23-Battle of Plassey. The British-British East India Company forces defeat the French Bengal Hou Allied Forces. British rule of India is decided. June 25-William Cavendish, 4th Duke of Devonshire, resigns as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. July 2-The second Duke of Newcastle Cabinet is formed by the reconciliation between the Great Pitt and Thomas Pelham-Halls, the first Duke of Newcastle. November 5-Seven Years' War: Battle of Rossbach December 5-Seven Years' War: Battle of Leuthen The emperor of the Ottoman Empire changes from Osman III (reign: 1754-1757) to Mustafa III (reign: 1757-1774). The Battle of Plassey takes place and the East India Company establishes hegemony across India. Qianlong Emperor Qianlong limited the trading port to only one port in Guangzhou and gave the public a trade monopoly. Amurusana revolts in Qing to revive Jungal, but is defeated.


May 30-Henry Addington, Politician, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (+1844) September 6-Lafayette, military and politician (+1834) October 9-Charles X, King of France (+ 1836) November 1-Antonio Canova, Sculptor (+ 1822) November 9 (September 28, Horeki 7) --Gentaku Otsuki, Dutch scholar and orchid doctor (+ 1827) November 28-William Blake, painter, poet, copperplate engraver (+ 1827)


January 9-Bernard Le Bovier, Writer (* 1657) January 22 (December 3, 6th year of the Horeki) -Atsunobu Matsuura, 6th Hirado feudal lord (* 1684) March 27-Johann Stamitz, composer (* 1717) April 17 (February 29, 7th year of the Horeki) -Tadanori Honda, Wakadoshiyori of the Edo Shogunate, Kobe feudal lord (* 1691) July 23-Domenico Scarlatti, composer (* 1685) August 3-Karl Wilhelm Friedrich, Brandenburg-Ansbach Frontier (* 1712) August 16 (July 2, 7th year of the Horeki) -Munenao Tokugawa, 6th Kishu feudal lord (* 1682) October 17-Rene Antoine Felum, Entomologist (* 1683) November 17-Maria Josepha, Queen of Poland King Augustus III (* 1699)


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