May 21, 2022

1796 is a leap year starting on Friday according to the Christian era (Gregorian calendar).

Other calendars

Zodiac: Yang Fire Dragon Japan Kansei 8 years 2456 imperial year China Qing: First year of Kakei Korea Joseon: Jeongjo 20 years Dangun 4129 Vietnam Nishiyama Asahi: Kagemori 4th year Buddhist calendar: 2338 --2339 Islamic calendar: 1210-1211 Jewish calendar: 5556-5557 Julian calendar: December 21, 1795-December 20, 1796 French Republican Calendar: Snow Moon 11th Year IV-Snow Moon 11th Year V



March 9-Josephine de Boarne marries Napoleon Bonaparte March 27-Napoleon is appointed commander of the Italian campaign March 30-Gauss discovers that a regular heptadecagon can be drawn with a ruler and compass April 12-French Revolutionary War (Italian War): Battle of Montenotte May 10 French Revolutionary War (Italian War): Battle of Lodi François Noel Babuch and others who planned to overthrow the French government are arrested (Babuch's plot) May 14-Edward Jenner tries to inoculate cowpox for the first time May 25-June 29-General elections in England. Victory of the ruling party of the small pit cabinet. June 1-Tennessee becomes 16th state in the United States November 17-French Revolutionary War (Italy): Battle of Arcole

Date unknown

The White Lotus Rebellion occurs in the Qing dynasty Gauss's first proof of the quadratic reciprocity law Britain occupies Dutch Ceylon


February 6-John Stevens Henslow, Botanist and Geologist (+ 1861) February 17-Philip Franz von Siebold, Physician and Naturalist (+1866) June 1-Nicolas Leonard Sadie Carnot, Mathematician and Physicist (+ 1832) July 6-Nicholas I, 11th Romanov Emperor of Russia (+1855) July 17-Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot, painter (+1875) September 15-Hermann Adam von Kamp, pedagogue, writer, lyricist (+ 1867) December 9-Emilie Zumsteek, Musician (+1857) December 22 (November 24, 8th year of Kansei) --Torii Yozo, Bakushin (+ 1873) December 29-Ferdinand von Ulanger, Military and Explorer (+1870)


January 4 (November 25, 7th year of Kansei) --Osamu Okabe, the 7th feudal lord of the Izumi Kishiwada domain (* 1746) September 22 (Kansei 8) --Tanuma Okiaki, the first feudal lord of the Mutsu-Shimomura feudal clan (* 1773) March 8-William Chambers, Architect (* 1723) October 16-Vittorio Amedeo III, King Sardinia (* 1726) November 6-Catherine the Great, Emperor of Russia (* 1728) December 11-Johann Titius, Scientist (* 1729)

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