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1814 (1814) is a normal year starting on Saturday according to the Western calendar (Gregorian calendar).

Other calendars

Zodiac: Yang Wood Dog Japan (Kansei calendar) 11 years of culture 2474 imperial year China Qing: Jiaqing 19 years Zhu Mao: First year of the morning Korea Joseon: Sunjo 14 years Dangun 4147 Vietnam Nguyen Dynasty: Kataka 13 years Buddhist calendar: 2356--2357 Islamic calendar: January 9, 1229-January 18, 1230 Jewish calendar: April 9, 5574-April 18, 5575 Julian calendar: December 20, 1813-December 19, 1814 Modified Julian Day (MJD): -16391 --- 16027 Lilian Date (LD): 84450 --88414



January 14-Concluded the Treaty of Kiel. February 11-Norway declares independence from Denmark-Norway. March 27-Creek War (considered part of the War of 1812): US troops defeat British-backed Creek in the Battle of Horseshoe Bend. March 31-The Sixth Great Alliance with France enters Paris, the Napoleonic Wars end, and Napoleon is captured. April 6-Louis XVIII, coronation. May-Napoleon Bonaparte is exiled to Elba Island. July 5-War of 1812: US Army wins the Battle of Chippawa. July 20-War of 1812: British Canadian Army wins the Battle of Prairie du Cien. July 25-War of 1812: US and Canadian forces antagonize at the Battle of Lundy's Lane. August 13-September 6-War of 1812: British Canadian Army wins the Battle of Lake Huron. September 1-Congress of Vienna begins. Continues until June 9, 1815. September 6-11-War of 1812: US troops win the Battle of Plattsburgh. September 12-15-War of 1812: US troops win the Battle of Baltimore. The Star-Spangled Banner of Fort McHenry at this time is sung in the national anthem of the United States. December 24-The Treaty of Ghent, a ceasefire treaty for the War of 1812, is signed in Ghent (Ghent), the Southern Netherlands (Belgium).

Date unknown

George Stephenson improves steam locomotive. Friedrich Carl von Savigny, "On the Mission (Qualifications) of Our Time to Legislation and Law". East India Company patent renewal. The first spinning mill in Massachusetts. The Nepalese war broke out. Completed "Quantangwen".

Art / Culture

1814 Music

February 27-Beethoven's Symphony No. 8 Premiere

1814 religion

On November 11th, Munetada Kurozumi gave "Tenmei Directly" (Kurozumi)


January 1 (December 10, 1864) --Hong Xiuquan, a religionist and revolutionary at the end of the Kiyosue (+ 1864) January 17-James Cochrane Dobbin, 22nd Secretary of the Navy (+1857) March 9-Taras Shevchenko, poet and painter (+ 1861) May 6-Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst, violinist and composer (+1865) May 12-Adolf von Hansert, composer and pianist (+ 1889) May 13-Aleksander Lesser, painter and art critic (+1884) May 15-Antoine Chintreille, painter (+ 1873) May 30-Bakunin, Russian thinker and anarchist (+1876) June 25-Gabriel Auguste Dobre, geologist (+1896) June 30-Franz von Dingerstedt, poet, playwright, theater manager (+ 1881) July 19-Samuel Colt, founder of Colt Firearms (+1862) August 30-Horace Maynard, 31st United States Postmaster General (+1882) September 29 (August 16, 2011) --Konkokyo Omikami, religionist, Konkokyo Guru (+ 1883) October 4-.

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